How to Use Floating Shelves to Display Your Art Collection

art collection floating shelves

When searching for a display shelf that’s as sleek, stylish, and unique as the art you’re planning to put on it, you must explore the options that floating shelves offer. Now you may wonder - Why should I use floating shelves to display my art? Is my art safe when displayed on floating shelves? Read on to find those questions answered along with some tips for displaying your art.

Why Should I Use Floating Shelves to Display My Art?

That’s a great question! Floating shelves offer versatility and are an affordable way to create display space in your home. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, finish options, and sizes to create a unique display area that flows well with your home’s style – whether it’s modern, traditional, rustic, art deco, boho chic, minimalistic, or somewhere in between.

Is My Artwork Safe on Floating Shelves?

The burning question is whether your beloved art is safe displayed atop floating shelves. And the answer is yes! When floating shelves are installed correctly – meaning you’ve read the instructions and used the proper hardware – many styles will hold up to 35-40 pounds (or possibly more). So, if you’re not displaying heavy pottery or metal pieces, your art should be safe.

Read product descriptions and details to ensure the shelves you choose possess the capability to hold the art you plan to display. It’s also important to read all the installation instructions prior to hanging your shelves to verify you have the required hardware and tools to hang them correctly. 

Another consideration to address prior to installation is the kind of traffic there will be in the area. An open space with little traffic around the artwork-filled floating shelf is ideal. If the shelves are hung in a high-traffic space or in an area where children frequent, you’ll want to strategize by hanging the shelves higher or by using narrower shelves to help prevent accidental bumps that could lead to damage. 

How Can I Use Floating Shelves to Display My Art?

Items such as oil paint canvases, small sculptures, macrame, drawings, pottery, photography, and even your kids’ drawings and coloring pages work well on floating shelves. As you begin placing items on the shelves, start with the largest pieces first. This will give you a foundation to build from by layering in smaller pieces to fill the blank space around the larger items.

If you have multiple shelves lined up vertically, keep in mind to stagger the pieces. You don’t want noticeable vertical lines of items on the shelves – rather start by placing the larger art on the right side of the top shelf, the left side of the lower shelf, and so on. The same goes for the height and even depth of the items on each shelf, which will help create a more cohesive look.

The final touch on your floating shelf art display is adding texture. This can be done by adding elements such as wood objects, linens, and plants. Incorporate these items in various sizes to continue the cohesiveness suggested above.

Following these guidelines for your floating shelf art display will create a safe and beautiful place for your art to be displayed. The hardest decision to make just might be which type of shelf will work best in your home, so you better start exploring your floating shelf options.

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