The Perfect Gift For a Groomsmen: Personalized Whiskey Glasses

The Perfect Gift For a Groomsmen: Personalized Whiskey Glasses

You’ve proposed to the love of your life, and the wedding planning has begun. The date has been set, you’re working on your guest list, and now it’s time to figure out who your groomsmen will be (if you don’t already know). Whether these guys are family and can tell stories from when you were in diapers or your college buddies who have some excellent Saturday night stories that you only vaguely remember, they mean a lot to you. You’re excited to have them be part of your special day.

These guys will go through the work of planning a bachelor party, getting fitted for a tux, being coaxed into not telling that story about that one afternoon at the lake, and they might even attend a couple’s shower. After all this, it’s important to plan out a great groomsman gift - and not wait until the last minute to figure it out. If you have no idea what to buy - that’s okay! Just remember to make it practical and meaningful for the receiver.

Whiskey Glasses are Practical and Personal

An excellent and popular gift idea is a whiskey glass set. Whether your groomsmen are whiskey drinkers or not, they will all love this nice, thoughtful gift. It’s a good idea to add personalization - and while you may be tempted to add details of your wedding day, a better option would be to add each groomsman’s last initial. That small detail will set these whiskey glasses apart from other gift options. Your buddies will want to use their glasses at every opportunity available, and they’ll also want to keep the attractive glasses on display when not in use.

Another consideration when selecting your whiskey glasses is how many to give per person. Buying only one, a set of two, or even four glasses is common. If you’d like this gift to be extra special, purchase each groomsman a set of two glasses the two of you use when getting together as a subtle reminder of the friendship you share.

You may have that one groomsman who gets sentimental and only breaks out the whiskey glasses for special occasions. Including a personalized box to store them in when not in use would be thoughtful. The box can be displayed somewhere in your groomsman’s home, and he can make a show of using the “special” glasses from his ole friend.

A Gift that Represents Memories

No matter the story behind your friendships with your groomsmen, whiskey glasses are the perfect gift for each of them. Each person’s glasses can be personalized, in one way or another, to reflect the relationship you share. At the end of the day, your closest friends will walk away with a gift they’ll cherish forever, reminding them that they were by your side for one of the most important days of your life.

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