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Custom Charcuterie Board

A Custom Charcuterie Board is the Perfect Handcrafted Gesture for Valentine’s Day

While you’re likely familiar with charcuterie boards as key table items during the holidays and happy hours, a custom charcuterie board can serve as a romantic gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Imagine greeting your partner, loved one, or even a friend with drinks after work and a charcuterie spread of their favorite snacks, treats, and finger foods.

When the time is right - as an added bonus - you can let this beloved person in your life know that the charcuterie board is engraved to mark the occasion - it’s a gift for them! You’ve now officially nailed Valentine’s Day, as you’ve purchased a timeless gift and prepared a memorable and tasty spread.

J Thomas Home offers personalized charcuterie boards for this occasion, and all others.And because our elegant products are handcrafted with responsibly sourced materials, the special person in your life will feel the care we put into our work, and know you’ve intentionally chosen something meaningful for them.

Our beautiful boards have made many couples and friends happy at this important time of year. Below are some charcuterie board ideas our creative customers have come up with that you can borrow for yourself, or make adjustments to, so that your Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch.

A Personalized Charcuterie Board Is a Gift that Keeps On Giving

We loved this charcuterie board idea from one of our customers in Leawood, Kansas, who surprised their partner with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries displayed tastefully atop one of our custom charcuterie boards. They even had the charcuterie board engraved with their initials. This was their first year of marriage, so the customer wanted to commemorate that special first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple.

In addition, our customer included a card that said, “I hope we continue to gather around the table together for a very long time.” Our customer was able to hint at a long-lasting commitment, while also suggesting that their relationship would include gathering for food, friendship, conversation, and laughter. Imagine an engraved charcuterie board that is used for all sorts of celebrations, but still bears the reminder of that very first married Valentine’s Day together. Our hearts are full just thinking about it.

Personalized Charcuterie Boards Can Hold Your Favorite Snacks, Apps, Treats, and More

You can also communicate your love and care by stocking one of our boards with a loved one’s favorite foods. Our customer in Olathe, Kansas, ran with this idea for the person in their life whose love language is definitely eating great food. Our customer’s partner is someone who loves learning new recipes, too, and so the customer saw the gift of a custom charcuterie board as a thoughtful, attentive gesture.

Here’s a list of some foods they arranged on the charcuterie board, and we thought to ourselves, “You’re far more romantic than you think!” Each of these have a bit of sophistication and romance to them. While there are many recipes and combinations online, you can borrow these classics and place them together on your board to make a tasteful arrangement.


  • Olives
  • Dried fruit
  • Cheeses
  • Crackers and crostini
  • Fresh berries
  • Cured meats
  • Figs
  • Salted seeds and nuts

If you’re looking for something on the heavier side, think appetizers and dips, a Caprese salad or prosciutto and melon, or anything else you can dream up (or find on the Internet). Even if you’re not a chef, assembling a simple grouping of finger foods, or creating an appetizer or a salad for the board, will be sure to impress. And when your loved one discovers this has all been assembled on a personalized charcuterie board, they’ll be even more pleased. Everyone appreciates engraved items for their home, so an engraved charcuterie board could be just the right gift for the right person.

What to Know about Our Custom Charcuterie Boards from J Thomas Home

If you like our customers’ charcuterie board ideas, go ahead and steal them for yourself! Or, you can come up with your own way to say, “I love and care about you,” with one of our personalized charcuterie boards.

Information on sizing:


  • Our boards come in small (8"D x 16"L x 0.75"H) and large (12"D x 20"L x 0.75"H)
  • They can be purchased as a set of two (one small, one large) for a special price

Our engraving options are as follows:


  • Two initials flanking an X
  • A capital last name running through a large last initial
  • A lowercase last name followed by smaller font ESTABLISHEDYYYY on the line below (for example, smith ESTABLISHED 2023)

To see more images of these engraving options and order from our website, visit this page.

Personalized Charcuterie Boards Will Help You Go Above and Beyond for Loved Ones

Made from bamboo wood, and with a food-safe finish, our engraved charcuterie boards are also the perfect gift for many other holidays and occasions including bridal showers, Mother’s and Father’s Day, housewarming, engagement parties, and any other holiday you can think of where you want to commemorate a loved one and ensure that every time they use the platter, they’ll think of you. So many positive emotions and memories surround the foods we love, so what better way to foster these feelings than with a custom charcuterie board.

To learn more about our handcrafted products, here’s how to get in touch:

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