How to Choose the Best Custom Shelf for Your Home Design Style

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Handcrafted Wood Shelves from J Thomas Home are Made-to-Order to Your Specifications

Versatile furnishings enable you to refresh your home decor on a whim, and custom shelves are just the ticket to achieving this. As trends change, you can make small tweaks to update your home.

Major design trends for 2022 all lend themselves well to incorporating wood shelves for aesthetics and function - and handcrafted ones from J Thomas Home meet your high standards.

Try these decor ideas in your home after placing your order for custom shelves online.

Organic Modern Home Style

Homeowners seeking uncluttered coziness find that they love organic modern style. This design concept starts with clean lines and smooth surfaces, with lots of rounded shapes. Then, add in natural textures and materials like wood, stone, leather, linen, and concrete - that’s where the organic comes in! Back them all with a warm neutral paint palette.

Skip the macrame wall hangings, although it’s a natural material. Instead, opt for more minimalistic decor elements, like earthenware vases of pampas grass, wood shelves, and jute rugs. Linen-blend upholstered furnishings accented by smaller rattan pieces let you transition from your home’s former boho-chic look, without making major - and expensive - changes.

Organic modern custom shelves made from white oak, pine, or maple contribute to the warm tones in the rest of your home.

Pursue Maximalism with Custom Shelves

More is more when it comes to maximalist design. Layer patterns atop rich colors to achieve a sense of playfulness. The bolder, the better!

Make room for ample accessories by installing floating wall shelves. Opt for those with completely hidden brackets - maximalism is about big gestures, but a bracket isn’t one! Avoid the sensation of clutter by ensuring your decor collections are cohesive in some way, with like elements coursing through. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a jumbled thrift-shop vibe.

A thick wood shelf from J Thomas Home gives you a bold ledge upon which to perch your accessories. We especially like bold finishes for maximalism, like our carbon stain. Order a sample or two to see how it’ll look in your space.

Go Farmhouse Chic, But Skip the Expected

Although the Joanna Gaines-brand of farmhouse chic feels very overdone in interior design, a more minimalist approach is the refreshing take you need!

To achieve the perfect farmhouse chic formula, remove three decorative items from the vignettes around your home. Galvanized steel and primitives should be the first to go. Keep, instead, green plants and useful objects that you use every day. By forgoing things that work strictly as decor, you’re decluttering and making the farmhouse style look more sleek and modern.

To add storage options to your living spaces or to replace clunky upper cabinets, opt for our thick custom shelves in rustic wood grains for a big impact.

Get Luxe Looks with Floating Wall Shelves

Luxurious, over-the-top style is trending right now, and a modern, sleek collection of wood shelves is just what you need to add storage and amp up the ambiance.

Consider architectural wall molding with matching floating wall shelves flanking a statement fireplace, brushed gold sconces, and rich hunter green paint, complemented with a velvet settee and glass cocktail table.

But keep in mind luxe doesn’t need to be over-the-top. Think less palace-at-Versailles and more Emily-and-Richard-Gilmore style.

Mid-Century Modern Never Goes Out of Style

Some say Mad Men reinvigorated the fire for mid-century modern decor, but the world has been wild about this style for a long time. The style harkens back to a time period from 1933 to 1965, although many people consider it part of the modernist movement.

Today’s interpretation includes simple wooden pieces made from teak or walnut, with rounded, angular legs and minimalist faces. This means, of course, that floating wall shelves fit the theme perfectly. Clean lines and warm wood hues evoke mid-century modern style - and custom shelves can be a big part of that overall look without taking up floor space. Our walnut hidden bracket floating shelf is the perfect choice for an MCM home.

Why Choose J Thomas Home?

When you buy floating wall shelves from a big box store, you’re paying for quantity, not quality. By choosing our handcrafted shelves, you’re committing to supporting small business, and in exchange, receiving a unique, thoughtful piece that will withstand the tests of time in your home.

J Thomas Home artisans hand-make every shelf we sell when we receive your order - we’re never pulling your piece from a dusty warehouse. We hand-stain and carefully package each item so they arrive at your door in perfect condition, and ready to hang anywhere you’d like.

For the best value in quality home decor, remember the name J Thomas Home.

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