Can floating shelves hold glasses and dishes?

glasses and dishes on floating shelves

Yes, floating shelves can hold glasses, dishes and much more! Many of us live in a world where kitchen space is a luxury, so getting creative with storage solutions is necessary. The emergence of floating shelves has been a game-changer for storage and aesthetic appeal throughout the home, so why not give them a place in your kitchen? Let’s walk through a few ways floating shelves add elegance, style, and storage to your space.

Floating Shelves Maximize Your Vertical Storage Space

Traditional kitchen cabinets leave unused space between shelves and near the ceiling. Floating shelves help make the most of this oft-forgotten space, meaning more storage for your dishes and glasses. 

Maximizing this space is significant when working with a small kitchen where every inch counts. The ability to place shelves at varying heights means you can adapt the spacing to hold different-sized dishes and glasses. However, this isn’t the only benefit of floating shelves over traditional cabinets; you can read more about those benefits here.

Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Floating shelves have more to offer than strict functionality – they’re also a design statement. The idea of “floating” shelves means there is an absence of visible brackets in their design, creating a sleek look in your kitchen. 

When adorned with your favorite glasses and dishes, floating shelves add a personal touch to the space and seamlessly become part of your kitchen décor. This means no more hiding your favorite dishware and drinkware behind closed doors. Organize your kitchen essentials so they’re within easy reach on your floating shelves – they’ll even serve as functional décor when not in use.

Showcase Your Collection

Do you have a beautiful collection of dishes and glasses you received as a gift or even purchased yourself? Whether you have vintage china or unique glassware, floating shelves are the perfect platform to display these treasures. The open and airy design ensures that your collection quickly becomes the focal point in your kitchen.

Simple Kitchen Organization

Having floating shelves means much of your stuff is in plain sight. It’ll be natural to arrange your dishes and glasses in an organized manner. This will make it simpler to keep track of your items and will often prevent overcrowding of the shelves. 

It’s recommended to place glasses, dishes, and other regularly used items on lower-hung shelves where they are within easy reach. Higher shelves should be reserved for lesser-used kitchen items and décor pieces. 

Incorporate Décor in Your Floating Shelf Design

Speaking of décor, it’s a great idea to sprinkle bits of décor on your floating shelves alongside your kitchen essentials. Start by placing the essentials on the shelves in easily accessible spots and group them by function or use. You can then mix and match décor in various sizes, textures, and shapes by adding vases, decorative storage containers, artwork, plants, and other favorites you have. 

Bringing It All Together

Floating shelves are a practical solution for storing dishes and glasses in your kitchen. They maximize space, provide easy access to your essentials, and add a fun design element to your room. They’re very customizable, easy to install, and affordable – making them a top choice for those looking to revamp their kitchen. So why not look at the floating shelf options available to you? From beautiful white oak to metal and glass designs, you will surely find the perfect style to enhance your home.

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