Stove top covers are by far one of our top-selling pieces of home decor in our shop. Why? Because these handmade wooden covers can be customized to fit your farmhouse kitchen perfect -- color, size, and personalized with a meaningful message or date. A great gift idea for friends and family... and yourself!
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Top off your farmhouse kitchen remodel with a rustic stove top cover as the finishing touch! Perfect for gas stove or electric ranges, the "noodle boards" offer additional counter space during meal prep and can be personalized -- making a great gift idea!

Learn more about the different types offered to create the perfect cover for your home!

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A go-to guide of 2018 Holiday Gift Ideas from J Thomas Home.

-Marble Holiday Decor

-Toddler Tower / Child Baking Stool

-"Noodle Board" - Rustic Stove Top Covers

- Wine Racks / Liquor Racks

And more!

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