When Your Google Search for "Wood Floating Shelves Near Me" Suggests DIY

shopping for floating shelf wood

Type "real wood floating shelves near me" into your search bar. Instead of a list of shelf-builders to choose from, you’ll get a list of links to mass-produced shelves. Half of these will lead to composite shelves from big box stores you can order online. 

Or, you might even get an AI suggestion to make it yourself.

I tried this search myself and amid several links to (not real wood) shelves I can buy, a top result was a “how-to-build-your-own-shelf” tutorial snippet from Architectural Digest. 

So before you head off to Home Depot armed with the list from the AD snippet, let’s look at two options most towns and cities (including mine) offer for a locally-made, real wood shelf.

Solution #1: The Local Cabinet Maker

The most common solution for real wood shelves is the local cabinet maker. It’s often a challenge for them to accommodate these requests, because it’s expensive to make in a shop that isn’t outfitted for constructing wood shelves (they require some unique construction and technical tools). 

Creating the shelves with the tools they have also makes these shelves expensive for you to buy. (On average, the shelves from most local custom cabinet shops are two to three times more than one of our shelves).

For example, if you’re shopping for a set of three large walnut floating shelves, a local cabinet maker might charge you $4,500 due to the cost of materials and the time it will take to create a sturdy shelf with the tools they have on hand. However, JThomas Home shelves can be purchased for less than one-third of that price.

Solution #2: Build Your Own

Building your own shelves can sound like a simple project. They’re just sanded slabs of wood, right? The short answer is no. They’re technically tough to execute, and they take practice and the right process to perfect the end result. Unlike handcrafted furniture, the appeal of the product isn’t in the “handcrafted” part. 

From finding quality wood to ensuring proper installation, the DIY route often costs more in time and materials than you’d expect (not to mention the headache). Plus, professional craftsmanship ensures durability and aesthetics that DIY wood floating shelves may not guarantee.

In fact, our early days at J Thomas Home started with learning some of these lessons about assembly and installation. It might look like a simple “slab” of wood on a wall, but the real thing requires fine-tuning and technical, streamlined processes to ensure consistent, cost-efficient results. 

Our Idea : A Real Wood E-commerce Shop for Shelves

We started J Thomas Home with an idea. We wanted to make real wood shelves made to your specifications. Our shelves are made with technical excellence and attention to detail, ensuring they fit perfectly and bring out your ideal aesthetic at home or in the office. And we love that they’re everything you’ll need for a luxury space, but affordable enough to elevate those everyday spaces too. 

Choose from a wide array of wood types, finishes, and shelf sizes to accommodate your needs including white oak, walnut, alder, pine, maple, and poplar paint-ready wood shelf options. Plus, our ten finish options and depth and length choices ensure you’ll get the perfect look you’re after for your space.

Our Values : Offer Something You’ll Value

We strive to bring you shelves that are:

  • Technically excellent. The shelves will last moves across town or the country, and can be taken down from one wall and put up on another without losing quality. 
  • Better for the environment than big box stores, supporting more sustainable practices and reducing carbon footprints. 
  • Made in the USA using fair labor practices. Our shelves uphold ethical standards while providing jobs to local craftsmen. 
  • Customized to fit your space perfectly, ensuring a seamless integration with your home decor. 
  • For everyone! Real wood makes a statement, adding sophistication and warmth to everyday life and to wherever you live and work. 

Shop Custom Wood Floating Shelves

In need of some wood floating shelves? Browse our collection at JThomas Home and discover the perfect shelves for your home.

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