The Truth About Why Cabinet Shops Charge High Prices for Floating Shelves

walnut floating shelves

You’d love to add some floating shelves to your home but don’t have the skills and tools for a DIY project, so you’ve contacted a cabinet maker for a quote. You’re so excited when the cabinet shop calls with your quote because THIS is the solution you’re looking for! Only to get off the phone ten minutes later, thinking you need to take out a second mortgage to afford the shelves. 

The pricing mystery surrounding these seemingly simple additions to your home can leave you scratching your head and emptying your wallet. But fear not – we're here to dive deep into the world of cabinet shop pricing and unveil why J Thomas Home custom hand-made shelves are the superior choice for all your floating shelf needs.

The Cabinet Shop Conundrum

Let's start by unraveling why cabinet shops often overcharge for floating shelves. The truth is that cabinet shops are primarily geared towards making cabinets – hence the name. While they have the skills and equipment to create these larger fixtures, floating shelves require different tools, expertise, and finesse. The result is that shops often tack on extra fees to compensate for the additional time and resources needed to produce floating shelves, leaving customers feeling like they're paying a premium for what should be a straightforward project.

Our Passion for Floating Shelves

Unlike your average cabinet shop, we're not dabbling in floating shelves – we're passionate about them. We've made it our mission to master the art of building floating shelves. Our specialization in this area allows us to approach each project with precision, efficiency, and affordability, delivering results that exceed expectations. This means you get high-quality, custom-made floating shelves, faster and at a more reasonable price than you would from a general cabinet shop.

Elevating Quality, Speed, and Affordability

When you choose a company like J Thomas Home for your floating shelf needs, you're not just getting a run-of-the-mill product. You're investing in unparalleled quality, speed, and affordability. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that every shelf we produce is built to last and is crafted to enhance your space with style and functionality. 

Our expertise and streamlined process result in projects completed in record time without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. And when it comes to affordability—by focusing solely on floating shelves, we've eliminated unnecessary overhead costs, allowing us to offer competitive pricing that won't leave you contemplating that second mortgage.

The Cabinet Shops’ “Dirty Little Secret”

Are you ready for a little insider secret? Many cabinet shops actually rely on us to supply their floating shelves. That's right – even they recognize our superior quality and value. Instead of struggling to produce subpar shelves, they turn to us for reliable, top-of-the-line solutions that never disappoint. So why settle for second best when you can work directly with the experts?

Experience the Difference of Our Custom Floating Shelves

Don’t settle for overpriced floating shelves from a cabinet shop when you can experience the J Thomas Home difference. Skip the sticker shock and discover shelves that elevate your space without draining your bank account. Next time you find yourself questioning the astronomical prices at cabinet shops, remember the underlying factors at play. 

With custom floating shelves from J Thomas Home, you're not just purchasing floating shelves – you're investing in quality, expertise, and unmatched value. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have excellence. Choose from our elite line of products for all your floating shelf needs and experience the difference for yourself.

Interested in saving money on handcrafted shelves? Order online or contact us today! Still have questions? We love troubleshooting, answering questions, and offering tips and tricks, so email us at

Locals interested in purchasing a collection of handcrafted shelves for a renovation can schedule an appointment with us to get started. 

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