Staying Organized with Custom Floating Shelves Instead of Bulky Cabinets

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Our Wood Shelves Pull Double Duty in Your Home: Beautiful and Functional

Minimalism and strict organization can foster an airy, open feel to your home, but bulky, wall-mounted cabinets interfere with that.

In fact, that’s why so many people are opting to skip on upper cabinets in their kitchens altogether. The same goes for other rooms of the house, like the bathroom, bedroom, or den.

Instead, home decor enthusiasts are shopping for solid wood shelves that mount without visible brackets and provide just enough space for essential items and decorations. The best kind of shelves are handcrafted, finished to your specifications, and made in the U.S.A. - like the ones we build at J Thomas Home in Olathe, Kansas.

If you’re thinking of adding storage and decor to your home, consider these ideas for using custom floating wall shelves.

Keep Your Vision Uninterrupted with Floating Wall Shelves

If you want your home storage solutions to blend seamlessly with other decor - or complement it - then you may find that something like a custom floating shelf works well.

Unlike a cabinet, your floating wall shelf reveals the paint color or wall texture behind it, even after you’ve loaded it up with books, photos, vases, and other items.

Think of it like a fireplace mantle; it works with the room and highlights a specific area, but isn’t obtrusive.

Collections of Baskets and Bins Stow Away Small Items On Your Wood Shelves

Texture is a key component of home decor you shouldn’t overlook. Imagine a room where everything - walls, furnishings, flooring - are the same color. Now imagine that although these items were the same color, they each had very different textures. It’s this texture that adds interest to decor.

Similarly, baskets and bins that match your walls can fade into the background on a custom floating shelf. But if you choose those with interesting textures - think rattan, wool, or rustic wood - you’re creating an understated focal point on your wall that doesn’t overwhelm.

Baskets and bins allow you to organize small items that don't fit well into a vignette, while still providing necessary storage. They actually help cut back on clutter.

Keep Your Daily Dishware Within Reach on Farmhouse Shelves

Open kitchen shelving is still in style, and that’s because they’re so convenient. Why dig through your cupboard to get to the plates, bowls, and baking dishes you use every day, when you could keep them on a custom floating shelf and access them much more easily?

Floating wall shelves are especially great if you adore the design of your dishware and want to show it off. For example, if you’re collecting (and still using) vintage Pyrex bowls or Polish pottery, your open shelving puts it on display. If you have gorgeous handmade dinner plates, people will actually see them even if they aren’t dining in your home.

We especially love seeing floating shelves in relatively monochromatic rooms because it’s an inexpensive and non-committal way to add pops of color without applying paint or buying expensive, colorful backsplash tiles you may not love in a couple of years. Colorful dishware on display can always be swapped out for something else you have stowed away in your traditional kitchen cabinet.

Keep Clutter Off Your Vanity in Your Bathroom with Pipe Shelves

If you don’t have a double sink vanity in your bathroom, or you’re lower on storage space than you’d like, pipe shelves can add spots to stow away your necessities, while still looking like a million bucks.

Keep spare restroom supplies or arrange your favorite beauty products in their gorgeous bottles or jars on pipe shelves. Best of all, the pipe can double as a hand towel rack. And in small spaces, anything that can pull double duty is a must-have.

Order Custom Floating Shelves in the Size You Need

Wood shelves come in a variety of styles and colors from J Thomas Home. We can accommodate most special size requests, but offer a bunch of sizes to begin with, so you’re likely to find exactly what you need, in industrial, farmhouse, modern, or rustic designs.

Shop our full array of custom floating shelves to find one that suits your needs. And if you need a custom size, send us a message before you order, and we’ll help you customize your shelves.

Choose J Thomas Home When You Need Wood Shelves

Handmade in Olathe, Kansas, our custom floating shelves are carefully crafted, unlike mass-produced wood shelves from big box stores. Every purchase you make, you’re supporting a family-owned business in the heart of America.

When you place your order, our team gets to work building your shelves - everything we offer is made to order! Once completed, we carefully package them and ship them to your home or office.

See why people are choosing floating wall shelves from J Thomas Home - and don’t miss our personalized gift options as Father’s Day and fall weddings quickly approach.

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