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Custom Floating Shelves, Noodle Boards, and More Top the List

Now that it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the most festive time of year, you’ve likely already done an excellent job of making a list of the people in your life to whom you want to give a special present.

Whether it’s a close family member that deserves a gift with just the right touch, or even a neighbor who has been particularly helpful and kind, there are so many occasions upon which a carefully selected present matters.

Then comes the question of what to give. It can be difficult to find the perfect item that communicates your gratitude, love, and admiration. However, when brainstorming gift ideas, we like to think that two rules can help make a difference in your decisions: always go local, and always think personalized.

Not only do we believe that this is the best way to communicate your thoughtfulness, but at J Thomas Home, we handcraft locally-sourced personalized gifts with deep care, knowing that these elegant items will find themselves in the hands of the people our customers love most. From noodle boards and whiskey glass sets, to custom floating shelves, and more, everything we design will fill the hearts of those on your gift list this year.

Local, Personalized Gift Ideas from J Thomas Home’s Handcrafted Collection

If you’re looking for gifts in the Kansas City area, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re J Thomas Home, offering handcrafted items from locally-sourced materials at our workshop that’s right outside the city. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the craft of transforming spaces and bringing joy to homeowners’ lives with personalized gift ideas large and small.

So - yes - we’re local. But why does local matter? At J Thomas Home, we believe it matters when you see the craftsmanship of our products for the home. This is something that can’t be replicated at large corporate stores. Our items are one-of-a-kind, and built in collaboration with your needs. There’s also something special about being able to say you bought a gift from a local artisan. You can’t quite boast about a purchase from an overseas factory. When you select one of our noodle boards, charcuterie boards, or even our custom shelves (including custom floating shelves) you’ll be able to sense the care and individual artistic effort that went into creating this piece just for you. To place your hands on a bespoke gift from J Thomas Home is to fill your mind with the natural world, from burbling hidden streams; to fresh, cool air; to the woodsy scent of the locally-sourced materials we carefully select for these handcrafted items.

Noodle Boards and Other Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays

J Thomas Home features gifts that we can personalize with wood engraving to acknowledge a friend, an important family member, or even a significant occasion. Perhaps this is a year to commemorate in someone’s life: a big wedding, the arrival of a newborn, the purchase of a new home, or a landmark year in someone’s career. We can personalize our gift options to ensure these memories last forever through one of our handcrafted items.

Our personalized gifts ideas for the holidays include the following pieces:

  • Wooden Stove Top Covers and Noodle Boards
    Inspired by 19th century Italian mothers and grandmothers who wanted more kitchen space to make dough for pasta, these stovetop boards are perfect for covering a stove top range with a beautiful, handcrafted wood board made from locally-sourced, beautiful alder wood.These boards make excellent personalized gift ideas for the people you want to shower with love. Gift our stove top covers and noodle boards here.

  • Whiskey Glass Sets
    Our whiskey glass sets come in an engraved, bold, and elegantly-handcrafted wooden box, complete with engraving for personalization. The glasses within can also be engraved in two- and four-glass sets. Additional accessories are included to ensure the person you’re gifting has everything they need for a celebratory toast or a night by the fire. Shop our personalized whiskey glass sets here.

  • Charcuterie Boards
    The kitchen is the key to so many of our hearts, which is why our handcrafted, wooden charcuterie boards make special gifts - especially when they are personalized like the rest of our line of thoughtfully-designed holiday pieces. We love how versatile these can be for serving on any occasion, plus they are beautiful enough to be displayed in your kitchen, not hidden in a cabinet. Shop our charcuterie boards here.

Personalized Gift Ideas Aren’t Only About Special, Engraved Items - Personalization is Our Business

At J Thomas Home, we think there’s one other way to think about personalization. When we’re handcrafting for you, we’re thinking specifically about you as our customer. Surprising you with the natural beauty of our products is what brings us joy as artists when we’re designing custom shelves and furniture. When you partner with us for custom floating shelves, furniture, or any of our other options for the home, we work with you to ensure they’re the perfect elements you need to complete your home’s design.

Here are some of the many products we feature on our website that are custom-built for you, with your space and your happiness in mind:

  • Custom shelves in handscraped premium pine
  • Walnut and white oak floating shelves
  • Thick alder floating shelves

While these items don’t exactly fit in a wrapped box like our noodle boards, what could be a better way to let your loved one know you’re ready to remodel a special room with them than to have pre-selected some of the design features you want to include? We’d be happy to work with you now and into the new year to transform your space with the craftsmanship of J Thomas Home.

Find Out What Makes J Thomas Home the Perfect Destination for Personalized Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for handcrafted, high-quality pieces that will let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them this holiday season, look to the work of J Thomas Home. Our bespoke items, from custom floating shelves to noodle boards, are made to order. Visit our website, select from our options including finish and personalization, and we’ll ensure you have the perfect item for your holiday gifting.

Go holiday shopping today at, or you can find our products on Etsy and Amazon. If you have any questions about our products, send us a message, and one of our team members will respond quickly. Happy holidays to you and yours from the local artisans at J Thomas Home!

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