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Are you the proud new owner of a set of J Thomas Home shelves, but haven't mustered up the courage to install them yet? Or are you thinking a shelf and towel bar set would look amazing in your bathroom, but you're nervous about the installation process? Fear not! We have easy-to-follow videos and expert tips to guide you through the process. 

Imagine how accomplished you'll feel after you install your shelves and use a power drill like a pro. We're confident you can do it! 

Quick and Easy-to-Follow 'How-To' Videos

 We're so confident that our shelf and towel bar installation process is beginner-friendly, that we asked one of our team members, who has never installed a shelf or used a power drill, to demonstrate the process in these easy-to-follow video guides! Click the links to watch. 

Towel Bar and Pipe Shelf Set Installation 

Floating Shelf (Pipe Shelf) Installation

Chunky (3.5") Floating Shelf Installation 

Hidden Bracket Floating Shelf Installation 

BONUS Tips for Flawless Installation & Functionality 

Tip #1  - Removing the hidden bracket from your shelf

If the hidden bracket in your shelf seems a bit tricky to get out at first, please do not use anything to 'pry' the bracket out. This could damage the shelf, and more importantly cause you harm! A gentle shake of the shelf after turning the shelf over (bracket facing floor -- just watch your toes!) should loosen the bracket and allow you to gently pull it the rest of the way out. 


Tip #2  - Ensure the 'teeth' of your hidden bracket are facing up! 

We understand that this may seem counter intuitive, but if the screws are on the bottom (teeth facing down), when you put the weight on the shelf, the bracket holds at the bottom, versus the top, so the top would be able to pull away from the wall and lean the shelf forward (or sag). When the screws are along the top, they prevent that from happening and hold the shelves nice and level. 

Tip #3  - Installing shelves where there are no studs 

For maximum weight-bearing capacity, we highly recommend installing the pipe supports or hidden brackets into studs. However, we understand that installing into a stud (especially both pipe supports or hidden brackets) is not always possible. In that situation, we recommend using heavy-duty anchors such as molly bolts or Toggler brand bolts, which can be found at most hardware stores. (pictured below: Toggler bolt) 

Toggler Installation Video

When properly installed, the industrial pipe shelves can hold up to 45lbs and hidden bracket floating shelves can hold up to 35lbs. 

Tip #4  - Countersunk Holes 

For the chunky box shelf, the counter sunk holes will be on the top (facing the ceiling) when you slide your shelf onto the bracket. For the hidden bracket shelf, the countersunk holes will be on the bottom (facing the ground) when you slide your shelf onto the bracket. Be sure to use secure your shelf to the bracket using the screws provided for proper installation! 


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