Organize Your Coffee Bar Like a Pro with Floating Shelves

organized coffee bar

The secret to a great coffee bar is having all the essentials available at your fingertips. We're talking about the coffee (of course!), coffee pot, mugs, cream, frother, sugar, syrup, and any other fixins you enjoy. The problem is that all these items can clutter up your countertop. Having an organized storage solution - floating shelves - is just as important to a great coffee bar as the essential ingredients. 

How to Organize Your Coffee Bar with Floating Shelves

First, you need to analyze your space and determine what size and number of floating shelves you'll need. A coffee bar is great for incorporating smaller shelves in your home. A shallower depth - eight inches or smaller - will typically be deep enough to hold your essentials and it'll help keep the area feeling open while adding vertical storage.

When determining the size of shelves you'll need, take stock of the items you'll want to keep close at hand. If you prefer black coffee with no mix-ins, you can get by with the coffee pot, a spot for your coffee grounds or beans, and a few mugs. If you like your coffee dressed up, take the space needed for these items into consideration when planning your coffee bar. It's easy to draw up a quick sketch of your plan to get a visual, then pick the floating shelves based on your needs. 

What Kind of Essentials Should You Keep at the Coffee Bar?

We already mentioned the very basic essentials you'll want to keep at the coffee bar - the coffee pot/French press/espresso machine, a set of mugs, and grounds/beans. If you enjoy any add-ins such as sugar, creamer, syrups, or spices, you'll also want those within easy reach. A spot to hold spoons, napkins, and straws might also be nice! All these items – except the coffee pot – should fit well on floating shelves.

Don't Forget the Decor

Adding décor will be the final touch on your coffee bar. Assess the style in the rest of your home, and make sure the décor you choose flows well. Signs, pretty storage containers and jars, nice silverware, small greenery, and baskets are all great décor options to add to your floating shelves. You don’t have to go overboard, so select a few items you love to really level up your coffee bar area.

That’s it! Creating a functional, beautiful coffee bar area is a simple task that can make a big statement in your home. Get to drawing out your plans so you can select the perfect floating shelves to add to your new coffee bar!

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