Mudroom Makeover: How Floating Wall Shelves and More Can Transform This Space

mudroom shelves

We’re Sharing Ways to Bring Beauty to This Unexpected Part of Your Home

Your mudroom: that space in the house that you don’t quite know what to do with. When the house is clean, it looks pretty good. But during the week, it starts to pile up with coats, things to return, things to recycle, your pet’s chew toys, and odds and ends that you can’t figure out where to put anywhere else. If you have laundry in your mudroom, things can get even wilder, especially if you’re not perfect at washing and folding right away (and no one is).

However, the mudroom in your home can actually be transformed into an area that you look forward to designing - and that you even look forward to sharing with your guests! As it stands, many people try to keep their mudrooms as off-limits as possible when they have company, but what if the opposite were true?

J Thomas Home has tips to turn your mudroom into an inviting part of the home, much like we do with any room in your house. Our custom wood floating shelves and shelving with lighting can help in the process of beautifying this part of your home and making it more useful.

Custom Floating Wall Shelves in Your Mudroom

Right now, it’s likely that your mudroom has the obligatory coat rack and perhaps some sort of storage bench. You may even have some cabinets for storing laundry items like soap, dryer sheets, and a stain remover.

However, you can completely modernize your space with custom floating shelves. Floating shelves are a gorgeous shelving solution in which the brackets and mounting are totally invisible, providing a contemporary, clean look. To see our shelves in action, check out these images on our website.

A Curated Display: Instead of storing a bunch of clutter in a storage bench, consider selecting the most essential items and placing them on white oak floating shelves that display them prominently and intentionally. Imagine curating your children’s ball gloves, a few tastefully selected hats, and a small bowl for car keys or a dog’s leash on one of the shelves. Declutter the rest, getting rid of as much as you can. You might be surprised how much you have stored there that you don’t even use. Soon, your mudroom will be HGTV-worthy, thanks to J Thomas Home.

Floating Corner Shelves: Over by the washer and dryer, consider floating corner shelves, so that you can arrange the most essential items that you use for cleaning clothes. Take the same approach as with the curated display of mudroom items, but with a twist: instead of displaying a bright orange laundry pod container, select a beautiful jar from a thrift store or a home goods store, and store the pods there. You can do the same with other laundry accessories - and even choose items like a laundry brush that looks antique - and you suddenly have the kind of laundry area that you’d see in a catalog. If you want to go further - and you have the space - consider floating wood wall shelves that are deep enough for sorting and folding clothes. This way, even if you’re not able to fold and store items right away, they’ll look far more organized with custom floating shelves.

Consider Shelving with Lighting: At J Thomas Home, our innovations make our handcrafted, bespoke custom floating wall shelves even more modernized than you’d expect. It’s not just the quality craftsmanship, responsibly sourced wood, and the individual care we put into your order. We now offer LED lighting for our white oak floating shelves - and all of our floating wall shelves - so that you can leave the light on or set to motion sensor mode in your mudroom. Adding light to your mudroom adds a bit of extra security at your home to let folks know you’re there, and - if someone’s coming home late - you can provide visibility for this entrance. The combination of lighting along with our attractive custom floating shelves and floating corner shelves brings even more functionality and style to your mudroom.

Custom Floating Wall Shelves Can Beautify Any Part of Your Home

Whether you’re looking to get rid of old cabinets in favor of floating wood shelves in your kitchen, or you need a way to display heirlooms, books, and photographs in your living room, our elegant shelving solutions can provide just what you need.

Even a mudroom, which doesn’t typically get a great deal of design attention, can suddenly become a space that is organized, clean, and even aesthetically pleasing. When you tap J Thomas Home for white oak floating shelves, shelves with LED lighting, and more, you’re making an investment in your home that will beautify it for the long run.

When guests come to your home, they’ll marvel at your design choices, and you’ll be able to explain to them how J Thomas Home handcrafts their custom wood shelves with great care, right in the Kansas City area. Soon, you’ll begin noticing shelving with lighting and floating corner shelves in their own homes.

If you’re interested in getting to know us and what we can do for your home, send us a message on our website, or email You can even schedule an appointment with us to discuss design questions.

We look forward to working with you, and showing you how our custom wood floating shelves can make a big difference in your home!

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