Maximalist Home Decor: How to Use Our Custom Floating Shelves to Add the Je Ne Sais Quoi You're Looking For

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Find Out How Our Floating Wood Shelves Can Enhance Your New Design Concept

If you’ve spent the last decade or so chasing minimalist trends and simplicity, you’ve probably noticed that you’re beginning to desire a change. Slowly but surely, you’ve begun adding back in a little bit of what you stripped away.

In the past, you may have craved blank space as a way to get peace of mind. Now, you notice that you’re after color, texture, and more items that represent your artistic flair.

If so, you may be on the road to maximalism, which is an on-trend decor move that finds you decorating your interiors very differently than the modern and minimalistic designs that have populated interior design catalogs, the homes of celebrities, and even television shows in recent years.

When you opt for maximalism, you’re indulging in a bit of everything: think various art objects on the shelves and end tables, prints and framed paintings on the walls, tapestries, baroque wallpaper, and a French salon-like atmosphere. It’s busy, very “high-art,” and vibrant, and you feel like you’re suddenly in the home of a somewhat eccentric, yet classy, sophisticated world traveler.

This is maximalism, and - because this decor is all about busy, tasteful collisions that are both refined and wild at once, what better choice for your shelving than custom floating shelves? J Thomas Home’s floating wood shelves, including floating shelves with lights, could be the perfect way to make maximalism your next on-trend move.

Custom Floating Shelves Are a Maximalist’s Dream

A maximalist isn’t really after clutter or adding “more,” but rather creating opportunities for patterns to fall together in ways that communicate a cultured, spontaneous energy. When done right, this style will feel more like a curated lifestyle that spans years of inherited memories, travels, and refined taste, not the eccentric whims of a kooky collector.

Many maximalist designers recommend including a great deal of decor for shelving and tables that seems like it may not match, but work in a kind of disharmonious harmony. Think plants, objects of various colors and from different time periods, items of many sizes and shapes, and - most importantly - items that are one-of-a-kind - like that single tiny, colorful statue or knickknack you found while antiquing. Add it to your decor!

Now that you have the idea, you will have to figure out how to place these items for a curated look. Remember, you don’t want clutter; you want the perfect balance of spontaneity and class. Our recommendation? Check out our bespoke floating wall shelves, which can prominently display the items that will add to your maximalist concept.

Our floating shelves get rid of the brackets and other extraneous shelving features to simply allow our beautiful wood-working - and your maximalist objects - to shine through. We even build custom floating shelves with lights, so you can showcase items more prominently, and bring in more light to your maximalist paradise. We also offer floating kitchen shelves, if you want to go maximalist in the kitchen as well, which - from what we’ve seen online in interior design magazines - can be absolutely striking.

Custom Floating Shelves Work in Smaller-Scale Spaces as Well

If you’re thinking of going maximalist, but you don’t have one of those cavernous living rooms you see in issues of Vogue and the like, floating wall shelves could be the perfect fit, especially if you opt for floating shelves with lights, so you can knock out some of your lighting needs and not have to add floor lamps that can take up a lot of space.

At J Thomas Home, we can help make suggestions based on what we’ve built for our many customers in case you need ideas. We’re always happy to learn more about your space, your goals, and how our custom shelving solutions - including floating kitchen shelves - can help you meet your design goals - whether you’ve decided to go full-maximalist, minimalist, or somewhere in between.

Get in Touch with J Thomas Home to Learn More About Our Custom Floating Shelves

We look forward to getting to know you and your particular approach to design in your home. Our custom floating shelves come with a variety of options, including many attractive, responsibly sourced woods, and we can build them for your specific needs.

Locals interested in purchasing a collection of handcrafted shelves for a renovation can schedule an appointment with us to get started. If you’re still in the brainstorming phase or live outside the Kansas City area, feel free to shoot us an email at , or fill out our contact form here. We love troubleshooting, answering questions, and offering tips and tricks.

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