How Personalized Gifts and Custom Shelves Can Help You Prepare for the Holidays

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Treat Yourself and Your Home to Handcrafted Artisan Decor and Serveware

It’s your turn to host the extended family’s holiday get-together this year, and you want to ensure it’s a memorable gathering, complete with delicious food and a gorgeously decorated home.

As you prepare to shop for gifts, wrap them in colorful paper and bows, and place them beneath the Christmas tree for all your relatives, don’t forget to add a few important items to your own shopping list: custom shelves and personalized gifts that you can use during the celebration and keep all year ‘round.

A Noodle Board for Extra Serving Space in the Kitchen

If you serve holiday dinners buffet-style, you may need extra counter space for all the dishes you’ve prepared. A noodle board covers the entirety of your stove top and serves as extra space to set your serving bowls, drink station, or stacks of dinner plates and flatware, leaving the rest of your countertops free for everything else.

The solid wood noodle boards from J Thomas Home can even be customized with your last initial, making them extra-special as your family gathers in your kitchen to give thanks for the meal and their blessings throughout the year.

Outside of the holidays, the stove top cover keeps your range clean and free of dust and other debris, while also providing extra counter space that you may occasionally need throughout the year.

A Personalized Charcuterie Board for Snacks Before the Big Meal

Charcuterie boards are on trend this holiday season, and they happen to make the perfect pre-meal snack for guests with a wide range of food preferences.

Assemble a charcuterie board - or two! - of various sliced meats, cheeses, and crackers; fig jam; fruits like grapes, berries, and apple slices; nuts; olives; pickles; marinated artichokes; and more. A blend of sweet and savory flavors suits most tastes and lets your guests create their own customized snack.

And why not create a separate dessert-themed charcuterie for after the meal, rather than making a cake or pie? This unique approach will win you points for those in your family with a sweet tooth, and it’ll be unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

The personalized gifts line at J Thomas Home includes a unique charcuterie board offering, with divided compartments that prevent juicy, umami olives from contaminating the sweet fig jam, so you can artfully blend flavors.

And like the noodle boards, our charcuterie board can be customized in three different ways, to add a little special sentiment to your holidays.

Floating Wall Shelves for Holiday Decorations

Add display shelves for holiday decor to your home before your guests arrive to get everyone into the spirit and cheer of the season. Floating wall shelves have no visible mounting brackets, which means there’s nothing to interrupt the flow of your ceramic winter village scene.

No mantle? No problem! A thick custom shelf serves in a pinch, so the whole family can hang their stockings with care.

After the holidays, you’ll find other great uses for floating wall shelves, like displaying framed family photos, showcasing special artwork, or simply using them to aid in home organization. The choice is yours!

Coming Soon! LED Wood Shelves Light Your Guests’ Way

Overnight guests who are unfamiliar with the layout of your home will be grateful for LED-lighted wood shelves that turn on when they sense movement, illuminating the path to the kitchen for a midnight snack or to the nearest bathroom.

Lighted shelves also take the place of table lamps, and you’re going to need all the real estate you can get on your end tables when your whole family visits and needs a place to rest their drink or their smartphones.

Aside from providing much-needed light in the darkest corners of the room, LED-lighted wood shelves can serve you in all the same ways that a floating wall shelf does, which means they’re pulling double-duty for you.

The LED-lighted shelves coming soon from J Thomas Home can be either hardwired or battery-operated, so you can install them easily, no matter your skill level.

Where to Shop for Custom Shelves and Personalized Gift Items to Make Your Holidays Special

For handcrafted, bespoke pieces of the highest quality, turn to J Thomas Home, based in the Kansas City area. Our local artisans make every floating wall shelf, charcuterie board, and noodle board to order; you choose your finish and personalization, and we take care of the rest.

Shop today at, or you can find our products on Etsy and Amazon. If you have any questions about our products, send us a message, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you quickly.

Happy shopping, and happy holidays from J Thomas Home!

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