How LED Lighted Shelves Complement Your Holiday Decor Year ‘Round

floating shelves with led lights

Lighted Shelving from J Thomas Home Can Brighten Up Any Holiday

If you’re anything like us, you love to decorate your home to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Our floating shelves with LED lights at J Thomas Home are a great way to showcase and complete your Christmas decor. And the good news is that you won’t have to turn off the lights when it comes time to pack up your holiday decorations this year. Our floating shelves with lights complement your home year ‘round!

At J Thomas Home, we offer custom floating shelves in a variety of wood species and finishes. Our shelving with lighting is a customer-favorite, thanks to the ambiance it adds to any room and how it can highlight your favorite decorations. What’s more, the same floating shelves with LED lights you know and love are becoming that much better. Keep reading to see what’s in store at J Thomas Home.

LED Lighted Shelves for Every Occasion

Our floating shelves with lights are the perfect way to draw eyes to your favorite Christmas decorations and display your miniature village, nutcrackers, Poinsettia, snow globes, festive dishware, mini trees, figurines, and more. However, these wood shelves aren’t just for the holiday season and can also be used to decorate for several other holidays throughout the year.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to dress your home in pink and red to celebrate the season of love. Decorate your floating wall shelves by filling them with pink and red trinkets, candy hearts, and all things X’s and O’s. The lighting on your shelves is sure to draw attention to your decor and give your home some seasonal flair.

Ring in spring with our custom floating shelves at J Thomas Home. Use shelving with lighting to enhance your pastel decor, bunny figures, greenery, or colorful Easter eggs. You might even decide to hide one there for your egg hunt - if you’re feeling sneaky.

Decorate for Halloween by filling your floating wall shelves with spooky skeletons, dainty pumpkins, small ghosts, or even your candy bowl! Floating shelves with LED lights will give your decorations an eerie glow at night, perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit.

Lighted shelving is also a great way to display your Thanksgiving decorations and welcome guests for your feast. Place artificial leaves, turkeys, cornucopias, acorns, pumpkins, and festive art on your wood shelves to instantly create a cozy, fall atmosphere within your space.

What’s New with Our Custom Shelves

Our custom floating shelves with lights are still the same quality you’d expect from J Thomas Home. Sleek, elegant, and unobtrusive, they bring extra light into your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or cozy nook. Our shelving with LED lights includes heavy-duty shelf brackets that are able to support 40 pounds or more, so there’s no doubt your favorite decor can be displayed on our wood shelves.

We loved our floating shelves with lights so much, we decided to take them to the next level. Coming soon, our all-new shelving with lighting will not only include cool light, but also a warm light option just in time for winter. Plus, you’ll be able to control the light settings and turn them on and off with ease using a remote.

No matter the time of year, you’ll soon be able to adjust the lighting of our new floating wall shelves to match the vibe you’d like to create. For those chilly, winter days, use warm white LED lighting to cozy up. On productive days in the spring, cool light can provide your home with the energy boost it needs.

Shop Shelving with Lighting at J Thomas Home

At J Thomas Home, we offer a vast selection of handcrafted wood shelves to choose from. Select from a variety of wood species and finishes to customize your wood shelves to best complement your decor. And if you aren’t sure which thickness, wood, finish, or size to choose, we can help you decide!

We don’t work from an inventory at J Thomas Home. All of our custom floating shelves are made-to-order in our family-owned and operated workshop located just outside of Kansas City. Our team handles each and every piece of wood to provide you with stunning, quality results.

Shop our floating wall shelves, including shelving with lighting, on our website, Amazon, or Etsy. Once you carefully customize your wood shelves, we’ll get right to work.

If you have any additional questions about our shelving with lighting, send us a message online. One of our team members will respond as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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