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The holidays are here! And so is every family member you know... 

Go ahead. Welcome them in. We have you -- or at least your stove top -- covered!

Our ready-to-host covers add much needed counter space for holiday meal prep and can be personalized to perfectly fit your kitchen. 

Click the photos to learn more!


Handmade Stove Top Covers (Noodle Boards) 

Stove Top Covers have taken over our shop in preparation for the holiday season. An instant Etsy "Best-Seller" award winner, so many people are buying these beautiful pieces as gifts for friends and family... and themselves!

Mix and match from our options to create the perfect cover for your kitchen -- raised or flat, wood type, handle preference, and personalization available. Learn more below!



Our raised pine stove top cover, featured above, is ideal for either electric or gas ranges. Shown in our Pecan stain, this noodle board has been personalized with a hand-painted initial and date. The pine wood accepts the stain in rich, deep tones, accentuating the rustic farmhouse feel in your kitchen. The black matte handles polish it off with a modern twist. Shop now

The flat version, shown above in Special Walnut stain, works best with flat tops or electric coil burners. Our covers fit most standard ranges. If you need a custom size, we handcraft each cover upon order and can make larger or smaller covers to accommodate your range dimensions.

Choose to have the handles cut out of the sides for more prep and storage space across the top surface. The cover below features cutout handles in our Willowbend stain. Learn more





These Red Oak covers are a higher-grade wood with a more modern, sleek look. The wood accepts stain differently than the pine covers above, mostly within the grain lines.

Choose from raised Red Oak covers (above) for gas stoves or flat Red Oak covers (below) electric burners, and and array of stain colors to beautifully compliment your color scheme. Early American is the stain color of the flat Red Oak stove top cover shown below. See color options



Cut out handles of the Red Oak covers and customized text or graphics are also available. Click this link to see more examples of creative custom personalizations, like this Carbon-stained "Shinedown" stove top cover below. Create your customized cover



With your order, we will include handles with super easy instructions to attach them and "feet" -- little bumpers you'll stick to the bottom of your cover to protect your counter tops.

Whether it's for your family's farmhouse kitchen or your best friend's Christmas present, these handmade stove top covers are by far a holiday favorite this year!

Order by 12/5/18 to arrive in time for Christmas! 

                        Photo credit: Wise Bread


Please note:

1. Our stove top covers cannot be used as cutting boards and are not coated with a food-grade safe finish.

2. Place the stove top covers over your range only after it has cooled after use.


Creative Custom Personalized Covers

Pine wood, flat version
Pine wood, thick version
Pine wood, thick version with cutout handles

Red Oak wood, flat version
Red Oak wood, thick version
Red Oak wood, thick version with cutout handles


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