Having a Party? Add a Stove Top Cover for Buffet-Style Serving

thick walnut stove top cover

Imagine this scenario: You've invited nine friends over for a casual party. Everyone offered to bring a food dish. Of course, you say yes, because that's what you do when there's a party. You've whipped up your favorite homemade salsa and your friends have begun to show up, crockpots and casserole dishes in hand. Suddenly, you've realized you don't have enough counter space to hold all the food. 

This occurs all too often for many of us, whether our kitchen is large and luxurious or closer in size to one found in a studio apartment. A practical solution to this problem is a stove top cover (aka a noodle board). Not only is it perfect for buffet-style serving at a party, but it also works well for everyday use and hiding away a less-than-perfect stovetop. 

Stove top covers have been in existence for hundreds of years, as they were once used as a food preparation area. While they're no longer designed with food prep in mind, don't let that stop you from exploring other great ways you can use a stovetop cover when hosting a party.

Beverage Station

It seems like a common question is "Where should we put the drinks?" A stovetop cover makes for the perfect designated beverage station. It's just the right size to hold a couple of drink dispensers, pitchers, cups, and an ice bucket. 

Appetizer Area

Your stove top cover is a good place to put the appetizers. Things such as meat and cheese trays, veggie trays, jalapeno poppers, and other foods that have easy cleanup will sit well on the cover. Many appetizers are fairly mess-free, so you don't have to worry about spilling on your cover.  

Dinnerware and Utensils

If you have some (well-warranted) paranoia about someone spilling food or drinks on the cover, use it as the spot to hold all your dinnerware, utensils, and napkins. 

Bonus: Use it as a Serving Tray

Once your party has moved from your kitchen into the living room, you can toss some snacks on the stove top cover and use it as a makeshift serving tray.

You’ve now discovered how convenient a stovetop cover can be during a party, so you may wonder if one will look good in your kitchen. The covers are made with rustic alder wood and come unstained or in seven finishes: Early American, Pecan, Special Walnut, Puritan Pine, Willowbend, Carbon and Gray Wash. Carbon, the darkest of the finishes, is nearly black and would fit well in a wide variety of kitchen styles. There are several finishes in between the two, providing you with plenty of options. If you wish your stove top cover to be extra unique, there are four engraving options to choose from that allow you to add your last name or initials.

Stove top covers can be a beautiful accessory to your kitchen, plus add affordable functionality as a makeshift countertop that many of us so desperately need. And while they work great in our own homes, they also make great gifts for all occasions. So treat yourself and someone special by snagging one for you and one for them. 

Looking to create more room in your kitchen? Order a stove top cover online or contact us today! Still have questions? We love troubleshooting, answering questions, and offering tips and tricks, so email us at customerservice@jthomashome.com

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