Gift Him One of These KC Whiskeys with Our Custom Whiskey Glasses This Valentine's Day

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Our Personalized Whiskey Glasses Make Classic & Classy Presents

Kansas City is a whiskey town, for sure, with so many unique distilleries in a variety of neighborhoods. We love being a part of the Kansas City community for all it has to offer, so we started designing our custom whiskey glasses with our hometown’s delicious, local whiskeys in mind.

If there’s someone in your life who enjoys a neat glass of whiskey (or however they take it), or if you want to treat someone who loves trying new things (and could easily jump into the full-time hobby of sampling whiskeys) our personalized whiskey glasses might be the perfect gift.

What Makes Whiskey Glasses So Great?

It’s no secret that whiskey is a trendy drink right now, so you’ll be able to win the gifting game with our whiskey glass sets. Further, you’ll be able to let that special someone know that you mean a lot to them by having the set personalized. In this way, you’ll be able to show that you’re not only giving a present, but that you’re giving a present to them, and that’s what personalization does for you - it lets that person know it’s all about them - and no one else.

Want to go a bit further? Check out two of our favorite Kansas City whiskeys to pair with our whiskey glasses, and you’ll have created the ultimate gift package. After you check out our reviews of the best whiskeys in town (keep reading!), stick around to find out more about the options and specifications available to you for our whiskey glass gift sets.

Two Top Kansas City Whiskeys to Pair with Our Custom Whiskey Glasses

We’ve had fun sampling the whiskeys around town to find the ones that would be the best fits to pair with our high-end personalized whiskey glasses, and these were definitely our two big favorites.

1. Tom’s Town Double Oaked Bourbon

Tom’s Town’s website calls this whiskey a “warm and spicy bourbon with notes of maple, butterscotch, and honey.” We liked it for that cozy, wintry feeling it gave us. It made us want to light a fire and sip this with friends while having an intimate conversation. We can see you and yours toasting to a cozy Valentine’s Day together. After this, it’s very likely that your loved one will want to bring out their J Thomas whiskey glass set for every occasion.

Aged in oak barrels, Tom’s Town’s bourbon will definitely impress the whiskey lover in your life, or - if your loved one is a Kansas City fan - they’ll love that you bought them something local to go with our custom whiskey glass sets. Shopping locally is yet another way to personalize, so the person you’re showing your love to will be deeply touched by your gesture.

J. Rieger & Co.’s Kansas City Whiskey

This is truly a classic, and the perfect choice if your loved one hasn’t gotten into whiskey yet, but is ready to try. We found this to be a “classic tasting” whiskey that went down just right and had a slightly sweet flavor that works well if you want to enjoy it as a cocktail. Maybe your loved one can try it on the rocks, and you can opt for a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned - it’s that versatile.

One idea our customer in Mission, Kansas, had was to bring over two glasses of whiskey after dinner without mentioning that they were personalized. Then, after they’d toasted to another Valentine’s Day together, our customer showed them the personalized whiskey glasses gift set they’d bought them, and also showed them the bottle from J. Rieger & Co. They’d eaten at The Rieger the night they got engaged some years back, so this gift had an extra-special touch that really impressed.

Options for Your Custom Whiskey Glasses

We know your custom whiskey glass sets will go over well with that important person in your life - that’s just what happens when you work with J Thomas Home. We put love and time-honored craftsmanship into everything we do, and we know that you’ll feel that energy and care when you open one of our gifts.

Our whiskey glass gift sets are etched and arranged elegantly in one of our handcrafted wooden boxes. We’re known for our refined woodworking, so these boxes add another layer of sophistication to an already highly sophisticated gift.

Sold singly or in sets of two or four, there are so many options to choose between, whether you want to get that one glass for a partner who will enjoy a drink on the porch on a moonlit evening, or for the social type who wants a full whiskey glass gift set for himself and three other pals.

Our personalized whiskey glasses also come with the following accouterments:


  • Whiskey stones to keep your drink cold
  • Ice tongs

To learn more about our personalization options, get in touch with us today:

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