personalized stove top cover

Stove Top Covers -- known as "noodle boards" back in the day -- are by far one of our best-selling pieces of home decor in our store.

Wondering why?


Because these handcrafted, wooden stove top covers are truly a perfect holiday gift idea for all your friends and family (and yourself!) this season.


Most folks with an oven in their kitchen wouldn't mind seeing less of those dirty, dusty burners. And who couldn't use a little more counter space to prepare for all those holiday meals?

But they aren't only functional. These covers are BEAUTIFUL and add a rustic, farmhouse charm to your cottage-style kitchen.


Our covers fit most standard ranges, but each one is handmade, and can be customized to *just about* any requested dimensions to perfectly fit your range.


While we have made hundreds of stove top covers that are incredible focal points for your kitchen, the PERSONALIZATION is what makes these incredibly sentimental. We offer an option of an initial/est. date circled in a leaves wreath... but some folks have gotten a little more creative.


Check out these CUSTOM STOVE TOP COVER PERSONALIZATIONS for inspiration for your next gift for yourself or a friend this holiday. Enjoy!


  • Emily Lorg, Owner

    Hi Lisa! I just messaged you directly to see what we can do :) :) Thank you!!

  • Lisa Polidori

    Are you able to make board with deer..moose..bear

  • Deborah Robertson

    Looking for a wood cover for our 36 in gas top in our kitchen … can you custom to fit…

  • Emily Lorg, Owner

    Hi Vicki & Kara! Thanks so much for reaching out. I’ll email you both directly to see how we can help! Thanks!!

  • Vicki Timmons

    I have a more unusual request. I have an older 50s-60s era stove. It is beautiful and I love it, however the dimensions are a little less than “standard”. Are you able to help?

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