Create the Ultimate Holiday Guest Experience with Home Organization and Gift-Giving Ideas from J Thomas Home

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Everything You Need to Get Ready for Your Annual Visitors This Fall and Winter

Home organization is a skill that not everyone is blessed with - but when you have the right tools, you can create the ultimate guest experience in your home. And while you’re stocking up on those organization supplies, why not also snag the perfect personalized gifts?

Yes, you can get them all at the same place: J Thomas Home.

Keep reading to learn how our charcuterie boards, whiskey glasses, noodle boards, and floating wall shelves can make your guests’ holiday experience in your home one that’ll go in the history books.

Keep Necessities Within Reach for Your Guests with Floating Wall Shelves

Your guests will love staying at your house because they know you’re the hostess with the most - and keep the necessities stocked for them!

In the guest bathroom, a floating wall shelf holds spare rolls of toilet paper, a box of tissues, cotton swabs, and a variety of hygiene products your guests may have forgotten. They know if they need something, it’s there in their bathroom, so they look and feel their best while they spend the holidays with you. (And they might admire your home organization skills!)

Get Creative in Guest Rooms

In small guest bedrooms where the quarters may feel cramped, especially with everyone’s suitcases on the floor, floating wall shelves serve as nightstands, freeing up floor space. This tactic also enables you to provide a nightstand where one may not normally fit, like if your guest bed has to be pushed up against a wall or into a nook in the room.

When installed properly, they can hold 40 pounds or more, which means they perform their end table jobs perfectly, and can hold a small lamp, clock, and bedtime necessities.

Stock Up on Meaningful Personalized Gifts for the Grown-Ups on Your List

It’s sometimes all but impossible to shop for certain people, but personalized gifts meant for regular use are the perfect go-to this holiday season. When your family and friends unwrap their presents from you, they’ll be excitedly thinking how they can put them to use right away in their own homes.

  • Personalized Charcuterie Boards: For the foodie in your life - or the adult still obsessed with Lunchables! These custom-built charcuterie boards can be personalized one of three ways, and feature divided compartments that prevent different food items and flavors from mingling.
  • Personalized Noodle Boards: For that friend who fancies themself a home chef. A noodle board, also called a stove-top cover, does just that: covers the top of the stove when it’s not in use. It adds usable counter space for serving up dinners buffet-style and features their initial in black or white.
  • Personalized Whiskey Glasses: For the friend or family member who enjoys the finer things in life. Each whiskey glass is etched with the initial of your choice and comes in a set in a handcrafted wooden storage box, bearing the same letter on its top.

Game Night Gets More Special with Wood Shelf Storage

Outfit the family den with smart home organization, like floating wall shelves in a finish that complements the rest of your decor. Use them to store your collection of board games, so that when guests come over, you can keep them entertained, and they can view all their options for fun in one place.

Wood Shelves Keep Your Pantry Organized

Speaking of home organization, wood shelves are perfect for your pantry because they’re capable of holding even the heaviest of dry goods and small kitchen appliances, like your blender, air fryer, or breadmaker.

Your Guests Never Have to Ask Where Your Drinking Glasses Are

Have you ever told a guest to help themselves to whatever’s in the kitchen, only to remember that they don’t know where you keep your dishes?

Open kitchen wood shelves in place of traditional cabinetry allow your visitors to find everything they’re looking for without rummaging behind every door.

Make the Holidays Special with Help from J Thomas Home

Using locally sourced hardwoods and the best available finishes, the J Thomas Home team offers amazing pieces for the home. Based in Olathe, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City, our artisans handcraft every wood shelf, noodle board, and more, by hand, using tools in our state-of-the-art woodshop. Every piece is made to order, and we ship straight to your door, no matter where you live!

If you’re ready to up your home organization game or are looking for the perfect gifts for some of your favorite people, then you need only visit to place your order. Shop now.

Questions about our handcrafted products? Send us a message.

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