Benefits of Adding a Flat Cutting Board Stove Top Cover to Your Kitchen

flat cutting board stove top cover

We can never have enough food prep space, especially when faced with limited countertop space or a small kitchen. If the food prep area is a challenge in your kitchen, a flat cutting board stove top cover might be the perfect kitchen addition to solve this common problem.

What is a Cutting Board Stove Top Cover?

A flat cutting board stove top cover is exactly as it sounds - a flat, solid wood board that sits atop the stove. The cover is finished with a food-grade cutting board oil, making it safe for chopping and slicing food during the meal preparation process.

How is it Different from a Regular Cutting Board?

A flat cutting board stove top cover is larger than a typical cutting board. Due to custom sizing options, the entire top of your stove can be covered so you have a larger surface to work from - which means added workspace rather than using up some of your existing countertops. 

Once you’re finished with your food prep process, there's no need to hide it away or find a special place to store it. Simply wipe it down and place it back on top of the stovetop. The solid maple or walnut wood looks aesthetically appealing when left out, and you can even add custom personalized engraving, so the cutting board doubles as a piece of functional decor. 

If You Can Eat it or Cook it, You Can Cut it!

The size and purpose of the cutting board allow you to leave it out for everyday use on your stovetop. You can quickly and easily cut up smaller fruits and veggies for on-the-go snacks or slice up meat for a weeknight supper. If you have a large enough stovetop, you can even use the cutting board to carve up larger foods such as a holiday turkey.

Other Uses for a Flat Cutting Board Stove Top Cover

If you enjoy playing party host, a cutting board stove top cover is the perfect addition to your host duties. It’s easy to cut up your meats, cheeses, and veggies, then leave them to sit on the cutting board, which instantly becomes a large serving platter. Or create additional buffet-style serving space for side dishes and desserts!

Stovetops often take a beating during the cooking process. Adding a large, multi-purpose stovetop cover after the stovetop has cooled is a simple way to hide away unsightly blemishes. Doing so also adds a beautiful, earthy element to the kitchen, which serves as an area to place a vase of flowers and other décor.

Whether you have a need for additional workspace or are searching for a purely decorative piece to incorporate into your kitchen, consider adding a flat cutting board stove top cover to your space. The solid wood construction and food-grade cutting board oil finishing process will ensure that you have a beautiful piece for years to come. 

Interested in purchasing a flat cutting board stove top cover? Order online or contact us today! Still have questions? We love troubleshooting, answering questions, and offering tips and tricks, so email us at

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  • J Thomas Home

    Hey Virginia, thank you for your comment! We’d recommend removing the board from your stovetop any time you plan to use it or the oven :) Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any other questions. Thank you!

  • Virginia Ingaran

    I just got a noodle board for my electric stovetop. Can I use my oven with the cover on or do I need to remove it? Stove is not smooth top

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