Benefits of 12-Inch deep Floating Shelves in Your Kitchen

12 inch deep floating shelves

Are you looking for a way to add convenience and style to your kitchen? Maybe you want a spot to show off unique kitchenware and would like to include some fun décor to spruce up the space. Or you’re simply tired of guests asking where they can find a cup. Adding 12-inch-deep floating shelves is the perfect way to add personality and flair without sacrificing storage in your kitchen design.

Stylish and Pair Well with Any Design Scheme

Floating shelves in the kitchen have been a design trend for several years, and we don’t predict that will change anytime soon. With various styles and sizes available, floating shelves pair well with any interior design scheme. They’re great for making the space feel more open and help draw the eye upward – both of which create the illusion of your home feeling larger. Floating shelves offer alternative and visually appealing storage, allowing convenient access to regularly used items.

Conveniently Store Kitchenware on Floating Shelves

Perhaps you frequently use plates, bowls, and cups, or you have some unique dishes that you’d like to display. 12-inch-deep floating shelves are the perfect option for these items. Place kitchenware and drinkware you regularly use on one of the lower-hung floating shelves to keep them within convenient reach. More unique items that don’t get used as often or are only for display can be placed on higher shelves.

When placing your kitchenware on the floating shelves, get creative with arranging it all. Stack bowls on top of plates, bowls on top of other bowls, mugs on top of dessert plates, or any different combination you can come up with. If you have more room to work with, you may appreciate adding a plate rack to utilize both the vertical and horizontal space above the shelf.

Other Kitchen Items to Store on 12-Inch-Deep Floating Shelves

While kitchenware and drinkware are the obvious items to place on kitchen floating shelves, you can easily incorporate other things. Place fruits, veggies, or fresh eggs in bowls or baskets on low-hung shelves to free up countertop space. Cooking utensils, cookbooks, and even dish towels can be placed on floating shelves – and, when arranged strategically – can double as pieces of décor.

Add Décor to Your Kitchen Floating Shelves

Floating shelves hung in the kitchen do not have to be used strictly for kitchen items. If space allows, it’s a great idea to incorporate other décor to emanate a more personal and homey touch to your kitchen. Add various textures and elements to create a kitchen space that is cohesive with the rest of your home. If you need some décor inspiration, check out this article for more décor display and storage ideas.

Kitchen Floating Shelves in a Nutshell

You’ll love the storage and convenience offered by 12-inch-deep floating shelves in your kitchen. Keeping frequently used items within easy reach while keeping your countertops free of clutter is a benefit you didn’t even know you needed. We’ve shown you some ideas of items to place on kitchen floating shelves, so it’s time for you to decide which shelves will work best in your home.

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