2023 Trending Paint Colors: Tie Them Together with Custom Floating Wood Shelves

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Our Custom Wood Shelving Pairs Well with Every Trend and Tradition

The verdict is in. Viva Magenta is the Pantone Color of the Year. Called “powerful and empowering” this unconventional color choice might appeal to some and seem too bold for others. However, one thing we’ve noticed is that our custom floating wood shelves seem to work well with this color, as well as any other trend.

In addition to Viva Magenta, several other colors seem to have cropped up as winners for 2023, and J Thomas Home can complement them all. Perhaps that’s because our gorgeous, hand-crafted kitchen shelves (or shelves for any other room) are both trendy and timeless. Wood shelves speak to the past, while the “floating” aspect - with no visible brackets - speak to present, on-trend designs.

Join J Thomas Home as we explore some of the most popular colors of 2023, including those recognized by Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, and Architectural Digest, and how these colors can be paired with our custom shelves in various rooms of your home.

Pantone’s Viva Magenta and Our Custom Floating Wood Shelves

This new Pantone color selection is bold - very bold - and we’re not sure we see it overtaking a kitchen or living room yet. However, for a cozy space, this color would look great as an accent. We think our custom shelves mounted invisibly on a Viva Magenta accent wall would be stunning.

Consider choosing our rich walnut floating shelves to complement this 2023 color. Our floating wall shelves are most effectively used, too, when they’re shelfscaped - meaning you curate a selection of items that fit the colors and themes of the room at varying sizes and heights - so, as you start to imagine this paint color with our custom shelves - be thinking about the colors you’ll add in via your selected shelf items. We’re thinking white, in particular, because it stands out beautifully against the magenta.

Vining Ivy by Glidden and PPG will Work with Our Custom Floating Wood Shelves

Architectural Digest sees Vining Ivy - a green-blue color - as a popular color for 2023, and we love it. This color would look perfect in an office, a living room, or even a guest bathroom, as it evokes both a calming forest and tranquil sea at once. Fortunately, our floating wall shelves are also a great fit for these spaces.

Our clients have ordered our bespoke, hand-crafted wood floating shelves as bookshelves, a place to display family photos and heirlooms, and even as a shelf for some tastefully-displayed toiletry items (like a diffuser or candle) in a bathroom. There’s something about our walnut floating wall shelves that complements a modern, sophisticated lifestyle - just as Vining Ivy does - so we absolutely see this on-trend color and our custom shelves working together in harmony.

Sherwin-Williams’ Redend Point Could Create Calm Alongside Our Custom Floating Wood Shelves

This color, which evokes a bit of the Southwestern desert and seems to whisper minimalism, makes this an outstanding choice to compliment kitchen shelves. Kitchens are exceptionally versatile spaces where you can have a lot of fun with just the right colors, and this soothing, subtle color could make any kitchen eating area into a place where people come to decompress by candlelight or sip their coffee on a slow Sunday morning.

Of course, our custom wood floating shelves fit right in here too. Nothing says minimalism, simplicity, and calm like our unfussy - yet refined - wood shelves for your kitchen. With hidden brackets and thick, strong wood from sustainable sources, J Thomas Home can ensure your Redend Point-painted kitchen is augmented by our kitchen shelves.

We imagine a set of walnut floating shelves for pottery and a few items that communicate “calm” such as a souvenir from an artist’s studio on a trip to Santa Fe. Deciding how you want to shelfscape is half the fun, and we have plenty of ideas as you develop your vision for your floating wall shelves.

J Thomas Home Evokes the Traditions of the Past While Covering the Latest Trends

Our custom floating wood shelves speak to a time when homes had far more exposed wood. There is a rugged elegance in the work we do for you, and our care and individual touch on our made-to-order wood shelves speak to a past that you can’t quite find in a big box store.

At the same time, our clients come to us because our custom shelves are unique, stylish, attention-grabbing, and very modern. What does this mean? It means you get a little bit of both worlds - the old and the new - the trend and the tradition - when you work with J Thomas Home for your kitchen shelves - or whichever room you choose.

Email customerservice@jthomashome.com. Or you can send us a message or even ask us a question by getting in touch here. We’d be happy to work with you from the beginning of your project to the end, making sure our custom wood floating shelves work perfectly in a new room - or entire home - of your dreams.

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