5 Quick Tips for Open Kitchen Shelves

a kitchen wall with white subway tiling, and natural wood floating shelves

Floating Wall Shelves Make a Big Impact in This Important Room

Open kitchen shelving is still a hot trend that we don’t foresee going anywhere. With floating wall shelves being less costly and more stylish than traditional cabinet boxes, they’re a smart solution for a budget kitchen remodel or reinvention.

For the best results with your floating kitchen shelves, consider these five tips from Kansas City’s own shelf maker and purveyor of fine personalized gifts, J Thomas Home.

Tip 1: Properly Mount Floating Kitchen Shelves for Sturdy Results

Most floating wall shelves mount using hidden wooden or metal brackets that align with the studs in your kitchen wall. For heavy dishware, it’s best that you mount your shelves directly to the studs. In the event that isn’t possible, you can use wall anchors or toggle bolts to mount in the drywall.

Many homeowners are fully capable of installing floating wall shelves, but some prefer to rely on a handyman or other expert to take care of the job for them. If you’re more of the do-it-yourself type, you can watch our easy-to-follow installation videos on our website to learn more about mounting floating kitchen shelves in your home.

Tip 2: Edit Your Dishware and Cookware to Display on Your Wood Shelves

Open kitchen shelves allow you to display your favorite cookery and dinnerware, unlike traditional kitchen cabinets. If you treasure your special china pattern, or perhaps collect and use vintage mixing bowls and want to show them off, then floating kitchen shelves are perfect.

However, you don’t want to overload your shelves with every piece you own, especially if some aren’t as display-worthy as others. For the best aesthetic results - and for easier access to your cookware - edit down what you put on your wood shelves to only the essentials and the most beautiful in your collection. Stow the excess in the pantry or in lower cabinets until you need them.

Tip 3: Choose Complementary Wood Shelf Finishes; Don’t Try to Match

If you’ve removed your upper kitchen cabinets and are looking to replace them with floating wall shelves, then your first instinct is probably to purchase and hang shelves that are the exact wood finish as your lower cabinets.

Sometimes, however, a perfect match isn’t possible. Different wood species respond to stains and finish coats differently, which means you might only get close, but not an exact match. Instead of stressing over a perfect match, opt instead for a wood finish that complements the rest of your kitchen.

For example, if you have light maple lower cabinets, you might opt for a dark walnut wood finish for your floating wall shelves. The magic - and visual impact - is in the contrast!

Tip 4: Continue Your Backsplash Tile Behind Your Floating Kitchen Shelves

Maximize the look of your beautiful subway tile backsplash by extending it to the ceiling and behind your kitchen shelves. Having a tile backing will prevent your heavy dishes from dinging or scratching the drywall, and it will also make it easier to keep your kitchen clean and tidy and give the room a more uniform look.

Tip 5: Make It a Habit to Regularly Degrease and Clean Your Floating Wall Shelves

Just as you’d regularly clean your cabinet doors and other cabinet faces to remove built-up kitchen grease and dust, you’ll need to do the same with your kitchen shelves.

Thankfully, cleaning your wood shelves isn’t any harder or work intensive than cleaning cabinetry. Use your favorite cleaning product to gently degrease and clean each shelf. You can polish them up with a specialty wood cleaning product if you wish, too.

Remember that like any wood furnishing, you don’t want to soak it or get it too wet; a damp cloth is plenty!

Every Wood Shelf is a Custom Order at J Thomas Home

If you’re ready to add kitchen shelves to the most important room in your house, let J Thomas Home help!

Choose your desired shelf thickness, wood, finish, and size - and let us know if you need help deciding! We’re always happy to offer suggestions based on photographs you provide of your room, or you can see our sample finishes in person.

When you order shelves from us, skilled artisans handcraft them in our Olathe, Kansas wood shop and carefully finish and package them before shipping them straight to your door. We don’t maintain an inventory; instead, we build your shelves when we receive your order, so they’re just for you.

Shop our full line of floating wall shelves today - and don’t miss our personalized gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

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