Wondering how to go about ordering a custom dining table or other handmade, solid wood furniture pieces from J Thomas Home? Review our process in this blog, including: scheduling your appointment, what to expect at your appointment, pricing and timelines for customized furniture right now, delivery options, and warranty details.
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So there's pine. And I've heard of Walnut. What's Alder? Hmmm...

Certain types of wood will work well for open shelving in your specific space, for your style and design goals, and of course, within your timeline and budget. 

Let's walk through each of these categories together to hone in on the right wood type for your shelf project.

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four white oak open shelves installed in a white kitchen flanking the stove top vent hood

If you’ve never purchased solid wood custom shelving before, you may be wondering how to get started. Not to worry! We can help!

This guide will help you select the size, color, and wood type for your project. In just a few weeks, the shelves will be ready to ship to you for easy installation using our helpful videos. (No professionals required!)

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Shorter Shelves - BIG Impact
Because we know staying on time and budget is very important at this stage for most renovators, open shelving 46 inches long and under help finish up most projects beautifully, quicker, without paying too much in materials or shipping costs, and less frustration of items arriving damaged or issues during install.
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