Why Noodle Boards Make The Perfect Gift

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Our Personalized Gift Ideas Make the Holiday Season Even More Festive

In the 1800s, Italian nonnas and mamas needed more surface area for cooking than their cramped kitchens could afford. They introduced the noodle board - a wooden stove top cover - to make room for those three beautiful ingredients - eggs, water, and flour - which, of course, became dough for pasta.

The ingenuity of these masters of the kitchen has been recreated today with J Thomas Home’s custom-designed noodle boards and stove top covers that can be used in your kitchen to provide more surface area - or as an elegant, personalized gift idea for a special person in your life. Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves to cook and appreciates a bit of Italian cooking history, or for someone who’s tasteful kitchen-design is second-to-none, this gift is perfect for family or friends. You can gift this as an elegant design element in your kitchen, making these noodle boards one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays.

The Noodle Board: A Personalized Gift Idea from the Makers of Bespoke Custom Shelves

J Thomas Home has been reimagining and transforming interiors with our custom shelves (and custom floating shelves), which are handcrafted from locally-sourced materials in our Kansas City-area workshop. When a homeowner selects from our shelving and furniture options, they are bringing artisan-crafted, bespoke pieces into their home - and their home decor will never be the same. There’s something special about truly local craftsmanship, and the quality of our work is what makes the difference between a nice room and a room that is both highly-livable and showroom-ready.

The same can be said for our personalized gifts, including our line of noodle boards and stove top covers. Picture a family member, friend, your child’s teacher, or colleague, opening up a box and instantly detecting the fragrance of high-quality wood. And when they completely unwrap the package, they’ll be holding a smoothed, handcrafted, gorgeous wooden kitchen board that they can instantly imagine in their kitchen. The noodle board still retains the warmth of the artisan’s hands that crafted it, and this gift seems to recall both old world charm and contemporary design all at once.

This is why we are proud of our stove top covers and noodle boards as personalized gift ideas, as we design them with the same care as our custom shelves, custom floating shelves, and furniture. We know that whoever opens a gift from J Thomas Home will be struck by the quality, beauty, and care that goes into all of our bespoke items, small and large.

Options for Noodle Boards, Including Personalization and More

When you’re ready to stun your family, friends, and other loved ones with a unique gift this holiday season, the personalized gifts section of J Thomas Home’s website has a variety of handcrafted items to choose from.

Consider having a noodle board engraved with the family name and the year ahead. This way, when the receiver of your gift spends time in their kitchen, they’ll have a gift that touches them personally. Our custom shelves, including our custom floating shelf design, are handcrafted to set a tone, provide functionality, and communicate your style - and so do our personalized gifts, including noodle boards.

Order a Noodle Board and Other Personalized Gift Ideas from J Thomas Home

Our elegantly-designed noodle boards are available to order now, if you’re ready to select a beautiful, handcrafted, bespoke piece for the holidays. Made from refined, locally-sourced alder wood, these fit perfectly in any kitchen style, from modern to rustic. If you’re trying to determine size, these boards measure 22” deep x 30” x 25”.

Your friends and family will admire the work of J Thomas Home - as well as your thoughtfulness. Everyone loves gifts with a history, especially when they’re also made specifically for them by local artisans at J Thomas Home.

We also have whiskey glass sets and charcuterie boards available, which you can shop for by visiting the personalized gifts section of our website. Remember us, too, when you’re looking to transform your living spaces with custom shelves, including our signature custom floating shelves. We’re here for you throughout the year - not just the holidays - and can make your home a special place to be for family and friends anytime you need us.

You can begin your holiday shopping experience at J Thomas Home today by visiting our website, or you can find our products on Etsy and Amazon. Questions? Send us a message, and one of our team members will get back to you quickly. In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!


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