Use Lighted Floating Shelves to Enhance Natural Light and Brighten Dark Corners

LED lighted floating shelves in a dark corner

Most of us face dark corners with poor lighting in a room or two of our homes. While you could add lamps, push-button puck lights, or a few other common lighting methods, a more aesthetically appealing solution to brighten dark corners in your home is to hang LED-lighted floating shelves. Whether you’re searching for a hardwired solution or an easy fix by using battery-operated lighting, there is a floating shelf to fit your needs – read on to discover how.

How to Use LED-Lighted Floating Shelves in Your Home

The greatest benefit of using LED-lighted floating shelves over other methods of lighting is that floating shelves double as storage in your home. Not only do they offer additional lighting to brighten your space, but they also serve as a spot to showcase décor, photos, and other items that are important to you.

What kind of areas should you use LED-lighted floating shelves in? Here are a few common examples:

  • Hang LED-lighted floating shelves in a corner of your living room to create a place for family photos and your favorite décor, trinkets, and art. This creates the perfect spot to showcase your items while helping enhance the natural light of the room to brighten the space.
  • Place them in your kitchen for added food prep lighting. Kitchens are notorious for poor lighting under the cabinets and shelves due to the shadows cast by downlighting from the ceiling lights. This makes food prep more difficult but can be easily fixed by adding LED-lighted floating shelves to your food prep area.
  • Use them in a bar area. Oftentimes, home bars are located in the basement, and basements are notorious for poor lighting. Adding LED-lighted floating shelves in the corner over the bar will give you extra lighting and make an excellent spot to place alcohol. The lighted shelves will give the space an upscale bar atmosphere that will contend with any suave city club.

While these are just a few suggestions for how you can use LED-lighted floating shelves in your home, don’t be afraid to explore ways to add them to other rooms. Lighted floating shelves can be useful in bathrooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, and even children’s playrooms.

Types of LED-Lighted Floating Shelves

Numerous finish and sizing options for both battery-operated and hardwired shelves are available. If you choose the battery-operated route, there are rechargeable battery floating shelves that are easy to install, sturdy, and offer a USB charging port to make the recharge process simple. If you’d prefer a more permanent solution with hardwired shelves, there are plenty of options available that offer the ability to be dimmable, connect with a smart home system, and have a long lifespan.

LED-lighted floating shelves are an excellent solution to brighten the dark corners of your home and enhance natural light. Explore the various battery-operated and hardwired options to decide on the finish and size that will best suit your home's needs. 

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