Update Your Bedroom with New Floating Shelves

floating shelves in bedroom corner

Small details can have a big impact on a room, and your bedroom is no exemption from this observation. Finding a space to display beloved treasures and personal items can be difficult in a bedroom due to the functional nature of the furniture. Your bedroom is likely the most personal room in your home, so it should have a calm and welcoming environment that you enjoy. If your room is lacking in this department, consider adding floating shelves as a budget-friendly way to refresh this personal space.

Install Floating Shelves Above Your Headboard

In most bedrooms, the space above the bed is wasted because of the headboard. A trendy option for adding floating shelves in a bedroom is to hang them above the bed. This offers prime real estate for family photos, signs, plants, and other knick-knacks that are special to you or that may not flow well in other areas of your home.

Low-Hung Shelves Double as a Nightstand

Do you have a small bedroom or limited space on the side of your bed? Rather than using a traditional nightstand, consider installing a shorter-length floating shelf 24 to 28 inches off the floor as a small bedside table. It will easily hold a small lamp, books, and any devices you would like to keep within reach.

Take this option a step further by finding shelves with built-in lighting that serve as a night light and adding a power strip to the underside of the shelf to make it a functional charging station.

Create an Accent Wall

It’s not uncommon to find an awkward or narrow wall in a bedroom. It can be hard to decide on a good way to utilize it, so consider making it into an accent wall. Add shiplap, paint it a contrasting color to the other walls, or add a mural or wallpaper. Then install floor-to-ceiling floating shelves to create a beautiful and functional space to style books, plants, storage baskets, vases, and anything else that brings you joy.

Add a Chair for a Small Office Workspace

If the room allows, hang a deeper floating shelf that could serve as a small desk for a makeshift office space. Add a small accent chair, and a shelf between 10 and 12 inches deep could hold a small laptop or serve as a drawing or writing space in a pinch. Always keep a few small décor items on the shelf, such as a couple of books and a photo, and you’ll never have to worry about the space looking empty when not in use.

Turn a Corner into a Reading Nook

Have an empty corner in your bedroom? Hang a plant, find a comfortable chair, install a couple of floating shelves, then stack the books from your reading list to create an inviting reading nook. Add a floor lamp, a cozy blanket, a coaster for your coffee, and you may never want to leave the comfort of your bedroom.

Final Considerations

Hopefully, these suggestions have sparked some inspiration for ways you can update your bedroom by installing floating shelves. When making your selections, know that it is important to find shelves made of high-quality materials that come with sturdy brackets. Verify weight limits and ensure your shelves are properly installed to avoid accidental damage to your beloved belongings.

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