Transitional Style Brings Traditional Taste Up-to-Date with Contemporary Flare

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Throw out the rule book. Mix and match the sleek, modern elements you love with traditional pieces you trust to create a warm, inviting, and updated space. Classic and cozy, yet cultured and creative, transitional style merges two (unexpected) worlds into one.


Transitional style is the perfect blend for those teetering along the border between an appreciation for simple, clean elegance, and warm, rich structure. A foot in both camps, Transitional style softens the sharpness that can sometimes be associated with modern design, but brings fresh perspective to (formerly) formal settings.

The best part? The combination is classic and timeless. Easily swap out a few trendy pieces as the seasons change, but the overall appearance of the space will keep true to its sophisticated charm.


You'll see lots of "griege" here -- whites, off-whites, grays, tans, etc. While calming and peaceful, unless you live at the beach, add in rich, dark browns to create depth and movement in the space.

Less is truly more. Think smaller "groupings" of particular accent pieces versus large "collections."  A few similarly-colored books laying stacked up on the shelf next to a potted succulent. 

If this is sounding a little boring, this is where it gets fun. Transitional style is about how the pieces feel to the touch. Comfort is key here. Plush pillows, raised rugs, distressed wooden shelving (shameless plug!) add warmth and interest. And patterns! Mix and match them across the room to create a cohesive feel.

Finally, fit together pieces for him and her. A combination of structured, statement pieces paired with flexible, flowing counterparts balance masculine and feminine details. An over-sized dark brown leather sofa with structured angles in front of a neutral, weathered oval coffee table.


Photo Credit: Home Bunch
Content Inspiration: "Transitional Style 101"

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