Transform Your Guest Bedroom With Floating Shelves

guest bedroom floating shelves

Preparing your guest bedroom for overnight visitors can be an enjoyable experience. You want your guests to feel welcome in a comfortable place that they can retreat to at the end of the day. 

You've likely picked out an amenable bed, nice sheets, and a few pieces of furniture. Now it's time to nail down some of the finishing touches in the room. Consider adding floating shelves for functionality, aesthetic appeal, or both to the space. 

Use Floating Shelves to Display Decor

Floating shelves are the perfect real estate to include decor that will make your guests feel relaxed and at home. They're a great place to put photos of your own travels, fun artwork and trinkets, books, flowers or plants, and even a candle or essential oil pot. 

Leave Space for Your Guests Personal Belongings

Leave room on an easily accessible floating shelf for your guests to place some smaller personal items. As your guests wind down for the night, they'll appreciate the ability to place their phone, jewelry, watch, medications, or any other personal items they need within reach.  

Easily transform a floating shelf into a makeshift nightstand, which would be an ideal location for your guests' personal items. Simply hang it next to the bed between 24" and 30" from the floor, add a small lamp, and voila! Your guests have a functional little area strictly for their own items. 

Use Floating Shelves for Storage Space

Guest bedrooms tend to be one of the smaller rooms in the home. Adding floating shelves to the space will allow for extra storage. You can easily add baskets or place items directly on the shelves. If you have a very small room, you can even add them in the closet to create additional surfaces for storing items, while keeping said items mostly hidden away. 

When guests arrive, they may appreciate having extra blankets available to them, which can easily be folded and placed on the floating shelves. If they have children, some small toys and puzzles hidden in a basket might be a pleasant surprise. A small basket with spare phone and tablet chargers might also be a nice addition.

Home Office and Guest Bedroom Combo

Many homes have a single room that doubles as a guest bedroom and home office. Floating shelves can be added above your desk area - where they can display decor, serve as a storage solution for office items, and offer your guests some extra space to spread out their belongings or even complete a little work of their own. 

Deciding on the "Right" Floating Shelves for Your Space

Consider what uses your floating shelves will serve to help you decide on the correct size purchase. Assess the layout of your room and choose a style of floating shelves that will flow well with the rest of your home. Choose between traditional floating shelves, thick floating shelves, and even LED-lighted floating shelves (which your guests will enjoy!) in a variety of finishes to transform your guest bedroom into something your guests will love. 

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