Top 3 Uses for a Noodle Board Stove Top Cover

photo of a J Thomas Home stove cover made of thick walnut placed on a stove with marble countertops on either side

It’s One of Many Personalized Gifts We Offer at J Thomas Home!

You already know that J Thomas Home is your purveyor of fine custom floating shelves. But we’ve expanded our offerings to include personalized gift ideas perfect for all occasions. One of these gifts is a noodle board - a classic wooden stove top cover employed by nonnas all over the world when they need more counter space to roll out pasta dough.

Our modern noodle board can give you the counter space you crave - or simply add an element of custom decor to your kitchen. Let’s explore how one can help you at home in some less than usual ways.

Lay Out the Holiday Feast Essentials on a Noodle Board

When you host family gatherings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays where food plays a pivotal role in the festivities, you may find yourself needing additional counter space, particularly if you have a typical kitchen in your home.

A noodle board from J Thomas Home covers the entirety of your stovetop, upon which you can now set out important components of your meal, even if it’s just dishware, silverware, or the dinner rolls. If you’re setting hot dishes on top of it, be sure to use a trivet to protect the wood finish.

Or if it’s time for Thanksgiving leftovers the next day, you can utilize your noodle board once again to create a continuous assembly line for building delectable turkey sandwiches.

In a Pinch, Our Noodle Board Becomes a Big Serving Tray

Our incredibly sturdy, handcrafted noodle board can reliably hold whatever you set on it when it’s in place on your stove top. But certain models can pull double duty as a giant serving tray!

They can be laden with outdoor picnic accessories to pack to your deck dining table. Or use one to deliver a coffee service to your sitting room when you have guests.

Need to carefully move a puzzle off a table? Put it on your noodle board! Or if you don’t want to bump your souffle too much, your stove top cover becomes a taxi to the dinner table.

Keep in mind our stove top covers are heavy because we make them out of solid wood like alder and oak, so you’ll only want to use them as serving trays or vessels when you absolutely need to. However, when you need them, they’ll serve you fantastically.

A Personalized Gift That Keeps Your Kitchen Tidy

In particular, stoves with a black or stainless finish tend to show any amount of dust or cleaner streaks left behind - even if you’ve just finished tidying up after cooking. A noodle board stove top cover allows you to protect your stove top from collecting dust or other drips - and hides away the streaks that household cleaners leave behind.

As a result, with your noodle board in place, your kitchen can look cleaner for longer. And when the neighbors drop by for an unexpected visit, you don’t have to endure any (totally uncalled for!) deep-down embarrassment about your stovetop. In fact, you’ll likely get some compliments on the element of style it adds to your place.

Tips for Choosing a Noodle Board

If a noodle board will make a difference in your kitchen experience - or if you just like the idea of one - order your very own from J Thomas Home. Get the perfect one for you by following our tips.

  1. Consider matching your new noodle board to your custom shelves in your kitchen. If you already have open shelving from J Thomas Home, we can help you choose the right finish. Just ask us for more information!
  2. Our noodle boards come in standard sizes that fit most household stovetops. However, you should carefully measure your appliance to determine whether you may need a custom size.
  3. Our stove top covers can cover electric or gas stoves with tall grates. Check the measurements on our website before you place your order.
  4. Our noodle boards come with a monogram engraved on top, and then covered with a clear coat. We can help you determine which color will show up best on the wood species and finish you’ve chosen.
  5. Giving a noodle board as a personalized gift? Show us pictures of your recipient’s kitchen, and we can help you choose a matching or complementary wood finish.

J Thomas Home is Your Source for Personalized Gift Ideas

Treat your gift recipient - or yourself - to a very special, handcrafted personalized gift from J Thomas Home. Our Kansas City-based wood shop produces all our items right here in the USA using the highest-quality wood and finishes.

To find the perfect present for everyone on your list, visit our website to shop for our noodle boards, whiskey glasses in a bespoke wooden box, charcuterie boards, and even custom shelves.


  • Emily Lorg, Owner

    Hi Pam! Thank you so much for your comment on our blog post (months ago… I apologize, I’m just now seeing these updates!!!). And I’m afraid I don’t have much help to offer! We just make the one size right now — 22"D x 30"L x 2.5"H exterior dimensions, so we’d not be able to create the larger size at this time.
    Thank you so much for reaching out, though, and I hope you’ve found the cover that you need!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Emily Lorg, Owner

    Hi Kristi! Oh, my — I am SO sorry — we just revamped our website and I was just alerted to several blog comments I have not seen yet…. I apologize.
    Were you able to find the stove top covers you needed for your Christmas gifts?

    If you have any questions at all, please let me know. They do make lovely Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts, as well :) :) :)

    Again, I apologize for the delay!! Hopefully you had a lovely holiday!!

  • Pam Taylor

    I’m looking for a wooden stovetop cover for a 6 burner Thermodore.

  • Kristi

    I am looking to get noodle boards for several families. Would these be done and delivered by Christmas?

  • Susan Adie

    We need a light weight custom made for a 3 burner stove top in a pop-up camper – (Rockwood ESP 1910). The metal lid that covers it is bent with no fix and it is space that could be useful for setting dishes on etc.

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