Three Uses for Floating Shelves in Your Nursery

floating shelves in nursery
Preparing for a new baby and planning a nursery is a very exciting time for parents. As a parent-to-be, you'll be searching for the perfect crib, a cute dresser, the changing table, and other essentials you'll need for a new baby, all while trying to decide what brand of diapers to use. While there is an abundance of decisions to be made, a simple one should be choosing to use floating shelves as a storage and decor accessory in the room.

If you plan to have a baby shower, you’ll likely receive three or more infant bath and body sets, receiving blankets, 0-3 month outfits, nose suckers, infant gas drops, children's Tylenol, books, more books, at least one additional set of all of the above, and anything else your shower guests believe you need. What better way to house and display some of these items than floating shelves?

Floating shelves are the perfect accessory and storage option for your nursery. They’re a stylish alternative to traditional bookshelves and they’re very functional in the sense that they’re versatile and multi-purpose. Plus, there’s the benefit of not having to worry about your toddler pulling a heavy bookshelf loaded down with books over on themselves. If you’re not yet convinced, read on to explore three uses for floating shelves in your nursery.

Create a Book Wall

As stated above, you’ll likely get several books from your baby shower, as a current trend is to give parents-to-be books instead of a card. A fun way to store those books is to hang several rows of long, narrow floating shelves on a wall of your nursery. This allows you to lean books against the wall and view the cover of each. Hang some of the shelves low enough for your child to reach as they near the toddler stage. They will be so excited that they can easily browse and choose the book they want you to read.

Hang Above Your Changing Area

If there is one thing most parents can attest to, it would be that there is never enough room on the changing table for all the necessities. Incorporating floating shelves above your changing station is a clever way to add extra storage for your diaper-changing essentials. Rash cream, lotions, wipes, extra diapers, changing pad covers, and spare clothes can easily be stored on the shelves. Extra bonus to keeping these items off the changing table? As your baby grows and loves to grab everything in sight, these items will be safely above your baby and out of the reach of little fingers.

Decorate With Your Favorite Baby Items

Floating shelves hold much potential when it comes to decorating a room. The “Be Brave Little One” or “Shine Bright” sign you may buy or be gifted will look great on floating shelves in your nursery. You can add plants, photos of your growing baby, signs, the shadow box of your baby’s handprint and footprint from the hospital, or a stuffed animal made from your baby’s coming home outfit.

Floating shelves work so well for décor because once they are hung, they give you a foundation for many decorating possibilities. As your child grows from baby to toddler to school age, you’ll be able to change out the floating shelf decor to reflect your child’s expanding personality without having to make new holes in your walls.

Final Thoughts on Using Floating Shelves in Your Nursery

Given these uses, it’s clear floating shelves in your nursery are beneficial for both parents and children. Parents appreciate the function they provide by giving additional storage for their child’s everyday essentials without taking up precious floor space in the room. Children will love them because, without realizing it, they gain a small amount of independence by being able to help decorate their room and make little changes to the shelves when they want to.

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