The J Thomas Home Guide to Prepping for the Perfect Summer BBQ

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Don’t Forget to Decorate The Inside of Your Home with Custom Shelves

It’s BBQ season, and at J Thomas Home, we’re uniquely qualified to give suggestions for these special events.

Why? Because we’re based near Kansas City, the BBQ capital of the world!

And although we don’t sell grills and other supplies directly related to outdoor fêtes, we do offer handcrafted custom shelves that can help make your event special and go off without a hitch.

Keep reading for ideas on how to use what you already own - and the household enhancements you can order from us - to create a memorable summer BBQ.

In the Kitchen: Visualize What You Need on Wood Shelves

As you start planning your cookout, take a look at what you own, and begin pulling what you need to host the perfect party. Then, you can make a list of items that you don’t already have and shop exclusively for those.

Open shelving in the kitchen - like our farmhouse shelves and other lines of floating wall shelves - can help you stay organized when it’s time to gather supplies for your summer BBQ. That’s because you can see everything you already have without having to open and dig around in dark cabinets. This approach saves you money because you can never accidentally buy duplicates that you forgot you had at home.

In the Backyard: Prep the Lawn and Patio

Your BBQ will likely be held outdoors, so lawn work is imminent. Make sure you mow your grass, and consider placing mosquito-repelling tiki torches along the perimeter of your patio.

Set up your outdoor furniture in arrangements that allow for organic flow and conversation. Don’t forget the lawn games, like cornhole (or “bags”), ladder toss, croquet, and more. These are great for entertaining kids, and adults love them, too.

In the Restroom: Everything Your Guests Need, Easily Accessible on Our Pipe Shelves

Your powder room pulls double duty during a backyard BBQ. Not only will people use it for its intended purpose, but they’ll also head there to freshen up and wash their hands before eating.

Sharp hosts know to stock their half-bathrooms with necessities their guests may need so that no one has to ask for items or shyly do without. Floss picks, feminine hygiene products, spray deodorant, sunscreen, and bug bite cream are likely to be in high demand during your family event.

Keep them in plain sight on one of our handmade floating bracket wood shelves. Add a note that says, “Help yourself!” in a small picture frame, so your guests know everything is up for grabs, should they need anything.

In Your Main Entertaining Areas: Use Floating Wall Shelves to Your Advantage

With so many people in your home, you want it looking its best. Custom shelves on focal walls provide space for decor, including framed family photos, or hold collections for safekeeping. Just add a little museum putty to keep everything in place!

You can also use extra-deep custom shelves to hold dining necessities, like paper plates, silverware, napkins, cups, and other lightweight items. This saves space on your buffet, sideboard, or kitchen countertops for all the delicious food you’re serving, especially if you have to move your party indoors because the weather won’t cooperate.

Prepare for the BBQ of the Year Starting Now With Help from J Thomas Home

Thoughtfully handcrafted custom shelves and charcuterie boards take time, especially when you don’t want something mass-produced overseas. That’s why now is the time to place your order so you can get your home ready before your next party.

Start with our custom shelves - you can specify size, style, and stain color to match or complement the existing woodwork in your home. And if you need suggestions for the best wood tone or floating wall shelf for your decor, we’re always happy to help. Just send us a quick message!

Shop online today to get your custom-made items in time for your event.

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