Revamping Your Fireplace Mantel With Floating Shelves

floating shelves around fireplace mantel

As summer begins to wind down and cooler temperatures start creeping in, you might enjoy spending more time in front of your fireplace. If it's been a while since you've addressed the design of your fireplace, it might be time to revamp the space. Adding floating shelves to your design is a great way to refresh your room while adding storage and some rustic elements - which can pair well with any style!

Use Floating Shelves as the Fireplace Mantel

The use of thick floating shelves as the fireplace mantel is a common addition seen in many homes. The hidden brackets give the mantel a streamlined and modern look over a traditional - often more ornate - mantel, while still allowing plenty of space for decor and electronics. A wide variety of stain choices means a floating shelf mantel will look great against any wall - stone, brick, shiplap, marble, or whatever else you can dream up. 

Hang Floating Shelves Around the Mantel

The wall space above the mantel is perfect real estate for hanging your TV or adding large artwork or a mirror. This creates a focal point in the room that you can accentuate by adding floating shelves in various ways, depending on the look and style you wish to achieve. 

Adding floating shelves to either side of the fireplace area will create a bookcase wall effect. The use of floating shelves helps keep the space more open and airy than a traditional bookcase would. Hanging the shelves at even intervals, beginning 24"-30" above the floor and stopping 18" below the ceiling will help draw the eye upward to create the illusion of a larger space. Tuck a couple of stools or ottomans under the lowest shelf to easily grab for extra seating. 

Depending on the size of your room, you may have small nooks on either side of your mantel. These are excellent spots to hang LED-lighted floating shelves. Add a cabinet underneath each and an arch to the tops to create a custom look with a built-in feel. 

The decorating can begin once you've hung your floating shelves around the mantel space. This is a great place to add smaller artwork, candles, book stacks, sculptures, baskets, and seasonal decor. These items can all be moved around and easily swapped out to help create a space you enjoy spending time in. 

Pick the Perfect Floating Shelves for Your Mantel

Floating shelves have much to offer in terms of versatility and function around your fireplace. Browse through some options to find floating shelves you love to help revamp your mantel area to give it a fresh look.

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