Revamp Your Home Office with Well-Placed Floating Shelves

floating shelves in home office

Over the last couple of years, society has seen an increase in the number of people who work remotely, most of whom work in some version of a home office. Many folks do not have a large room dedicated solely to their work-from-home needs, so maximizing storage and organization is a must.

Utilizing the vertical space in your room is a smart way to maximize your storage and put every inch of your space to good use. Traditionally, office storage may have come in the form of a large storage desk, multiple filing cabinets, and bookshelves. Today, with the capability of electronic document storage, it's possible to get by with smaller, more streamlined furniture in a home office, allowing remote employees to maximize their productivity in a smaller space.

Use Floating Shelves to Maximize Vertical Storage

Floating shelves have been a popular addition to all rooms in homes over the past decade, so why not add them to your home office? Floating shelves are a great way to keep your vertical storage space light, open, and airy. There is a large variety of shelving options available that can suit any style and still meet all your storage needs.

Corner Floating Shelves

corner floating shelves

One great way to maximize your storage space through the use of floating shelves is to place them in the corners. Often, the corners of a room result in dead space. When working with a small area, taking advantage of corner shelving adds function and an aesthetically pleasing design element to the room.

Floating Shelves Add Personality

rustic alder floating shelf

With a number of floating shelf styles available on the market, adding them to your home office can enhance the overall style and look of your room. The shelves themselves can be stained, painted, or live-edge wood. When adding the various methods of hanging floating shelves, you open up another multitude of design and style options.

Increase Organization

shelves to organize

Adding floating shelves above your desk may increase your organization habits. Whereas a desk with multiple drawers allows you to hide away junk that you no longer need, limiting the availability of these hiding places will encourage you to discard unnecessary items. Are you notorious for misplacing or misfiling documents? Use floating shelves as a tool to keep those important documents and items visible to you -- even if your "desk" is the kitchen island!

Declutter Your Desk

Poplar Floating Shelf

Items you use regularly can be placed on a low-hung floating shelf above your desk. This will allow for easy access to them, while saving precious space on your desk. A well placed floating shelf will nicely house letterhead, your stapler, phone charger, pens, and other miscellaneous items you require frequently.

Aesthetic Appeal

pine floating shelf

Any home office can get boring without aesthetic appeal. If your office is void of items that bring you joy, it can be harder to focus and enjoy your work day. Floating shelves are a great platform for your favorite art, photos, books, plants, or other knick-knacks. And, as stated above, the shelf itself can bring a visual appeal to your space all on its own. 

Floating shelves can be a great tool for anyone to use in their home office. Whether you have a large space to fill, or a tiny corner of your dining room as your dedicated office, have no doubt that there are shelving options perfectly suited to fill your needs.

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