In 2023, Are Open Custom Shelves In or Out?

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A Trend Report on Floating Wall Shelves from J Thomas Home

Keeping up with home decor trends can be exhausting. With all the magazines and Pinterest boards dedicated to the topic, it seems like no source agrees with any others about finishes, styles, and features for any room in your home.

So when it comes to floating wall shelves in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, are they trending or not for 2023?

Although we can’t predict the future, we’re uniquely positioned to tell you what you could expect from home decor trends for the coming year.

Wood Shelves in the Kitchen

Open kitchen shelving replaced bulky cabinets in home decor trends in recent years. And while some sources say floating wall shelves for dishware storage and display are out, we vehemently disagree. And it’s not because we make them!

Organization eschews all fads, and custom shelves allow you to organize your kitchen in a way that cabinets don’t. You can see everything you have and never have to dig for the specific mixing bowl or casserole dish you need. Customers say this is a life-changing experience not to have to open the cabinet door and just have immediate access to their items, and that they’d never go back. Open wood shelves are a timesaver, and saving time and effort never goes out of style.

Pipe Shelves in the Bathroom

Your primary bathroom or guest bathroom are frequently used, but tend to be rooms where you spend the least amount of your time. They’re also usually the smallest rooms in your home, which means you have to get creative to maximize storage space that doesn’t clash with your other fixtures. (And matching fixtures will always be on-trend!)

Farmhouse pipe shelves for your bathroom not only provide storage for all your essentials - and display places for candles and vases - but they also give you a place to hang your hand towel and toilet tissue roll so that everything matches perfectly, both in color and in character. Farmhouse shelves really up the decor ante - see for yourself!

Custom Shelves in the Living and Dining Rooms

Embracing floating wall shelves in your home gives host to opportunities to upgrade other, more transient decor elements, like items in the Color of the Year, without costing you tons of money every time you redecorate.

And if you choose a style of custom shelves that complement the existing finishes and overall feel of your home, they’re truly timeless statement pieces. Classic design with clean lines will always be on trend - and that’s exactly what we offer with the majority of our wood shelves.

Shelves Aren’t Going Anywhere

There’s some debate on when the first shelf was invented, but some say it was as early as 4 AD. That means shelves and shelving units have existed for, well, a very, very long time.

Don’t be swayed from mounting shelves anywhere in your home that could benefit from their beauty and usefulness. Because they’re such a ubiquitous part of today’s homes, they won’t suddenly fall out of style! In fact, 2023 is the year to embrace custom shelves, particularly as mass-produced furniture is harder and harder to find, thanks to ongoing supply chain issues.

Decor Trend Forecasting for 2023

Home decor experts posit that soothing, organic materials will lead design trends in 2023. These organic materials include natural woods - a staple of our offerings at J Thomas Home.

These experts also say lavender - a soothing purple hue - or luxury monochromatic shades will be in - both of which work well with our wood shelves. Simply add lavender-toned decor items to your custom shelves, or use the wood color as one of your monochromatic hues offset with bright white, deep black, or moody navy.

The Bottom Line: Decorate Your Home With What You Love

You know what never goes out of style? The style you love! As long as you’re happy with how your space looks and functions, then it’s the ideal style for you.

Think about all the homeowners who covet throwback, vintage styles. They aren’t pursuing the latest trends in home decor because they already know what they like. You, too, can join their ranks and embrace the home decor you adore, regardless of what trend forecasters are predicting.

The key to loving your home is creating spaces that perform efficiently and appeal to your own aesthetic.

Get the Style You Love with Wood Shelves at J Thomas Home

Whether you adore floating wall shelves, farmhouse pipe shelves, or extra-thick custom shelves, we offer it all at J Thomas Home. Just tell us the style, size, wood species, and wood finish you want, and our artisans get to work handcrafting your shelves before carefully packaging them and shipping them to your door.

Best of all, when you shop at J Thomas Home, you’re supporting an all-American small business based in the Kansas City area.

Find the wood shelves that are on-trend for your own style today, or request a sample to color-coordinate your home.

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