How to Order Custom Floating Shelves from J Thomas Home

custom floating wall shelves

Considerations for Choosing Made-to-Order Solid Wood Shelves

About to demo your kitchen and looking for something special to replace your old cabinetry? Standing in your tight bathroom space, wishing you had more storage or counter space? Unsure what to do with that blank wall in your living room?

Adding open shelving in your home provides sturdy, stylish storage. And when the floating wall shelves are made of solid wood in natural tones, they add a sense of warmth and coziness, while complementing your existing decor style.

Why Our Wood Shelves are So Great

With custom floating shelves from J Thomas Home, you can be assured that your treasures - the focal point of your home - will be kept safe and secure.

Our shelves are sturdy, and with proper installation, can easily support up to 50 pounds each. In fact, our installation bracket is designed to help you align with studs in your wall almost every time, for the most security.

Because the mount is invisible, you’ll never see unsightly brackets cluttering your space. You can even install them over tile in kitchens or bathrooms.

Custom Floating Shelf Order Process

At J Thomas Home, each shelf is custom-made upon order, so it’s crafted just for you and your space.

When you place a custom order, you select the size, color, and wood type for your shelves. If you need further customization, contact us to talk about what you’re looking for. Or check out our most popular blog: What Size Floating Shelf Should I Order?

In just a few weeks, your shelves will ship to you for easy installation using our helpful videos. It’s so simple, most of our customers don’t need to hire a handyman!

Selecting the Style of your Custom Floating Shelves

If your home is decorated in the farmhouse or rustic style, or if you enjoy a more modern or industrial flair, we have wood shelves you’ll love.

For a more rustic look, you might want to choose our ultra-thick wall shelves.

For a more modern look, consider our wood floating wall shelves that come in a variety of wood species and stain colors.

If you’d like a combination of the two, our farmhouse pipe shelves are just the ticket, combining the warmth of wood with the modernity of iron.

Wood Species

You may wonder what are the differences in types of wood floating shelves are made from? The look of warmth of certain wood species lend themselves better to certain design styles. 

For example, a farmhouse or rustic style is best served in wood like pine, poplar, or rustic alder. Superior alder, maple, white oak, and walnut shelves add depth and richness to modern, contemporary designs.

You may also want to select a wood species that matches your house’s existing woodwork, plus the stain that you’d like. Remember that different stain colors look different on various types of wood. If you aren’t sure which would look best in your home, let’s chat about how we could come closest to matching it.

If you’re determining the wood species based on your budget, you can choose certain types to save a little bit. For example, pine, poplar, and alder wood shelves are more economical than maple, white oak, or walnut, which are gorgeous, premium hardwoods.

Custom Floating Shelf Sizes

Grab your tape measure and get to work! Determine the amount of space you’ll need on your shelf, and the items it will hold.

When you order your wood shelves, you’ll indicate both the length and the depth that you want.

We can custom-cut each shelf to make other sizes, but our shelves come in five standard depths and up to nine standard lengths, depending on the shelf design.

Wood Shelf Depth

The depth is the distance the shelf will come out from the wall. Choose from standard depths of 4”, 5.25”, 7.25”, 9.25”, and 11.25”.

The depth you choose should be adequate for what you’ll be placing on the shelf. For example, a 4”- or 5.25”-deep shelf is ideal for picture frames, candles, and washcloths. Shelves that are 7.25” or 9.25” deep can hold books, plants, or hand towels. And 10” or 11.25” deep shelves are ideal for dinner plates or full-size bath towels.

Wood Shelf Length

The length is the distance left to right that the wood shelves will cover on the wall. Choose from standard lengths of 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 34”, 36”, 40”, 46”, or 47”.

If you’re unsure how long your shelves should be, or what they’ll look like on your wall, you can use painters tape to map out where you’ll hang them on your wall. This allows you to visualize the layout before you place your order or drill a hole.

After You’ve Placed Your Order for Our Floating Wood Shelves

After you’ve determined the type of wood you’d like your shelves made from, the style, the length, and the depth, you’re ready to place your order on our website. Then what?

Good things take time! Because we custom-make every order, we don’t keep an inventory of shelving. This means your order is just for you, and because of that, it takes between 10 to 15 business days to build and package them for shipment.

All-in, your new wood shelves will arrive at your address between three or four weeks from your order date, carefully packaged with love.

Need Help Placing Your Order?

We’re always happy to help you find the best shelves for your decorating project or kitchen remodel. Let’s chat to find the shelving solution for you.

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