Getting to Know our J Thomas Home Team

J Thomas Home team

With over thirty thousand online orders fulfilled, hundreds of custom pieces built, thousands of coveted 5-star customer reviews, and a new ten thousand square foot home base, we're introducing you to the amazing team that is J Thomas Home! 

Let's start with our owners, husband and wife entrepreneurs, and the leaders of the entire operation, Josh & Emily! These two are the jack & jane of all trades at our shop, and make sure the entire operation is forging ahead! 

Emily orchestrates and oversees the entire shipping process, ensuring that hundreds of orders a week meet our high quality standards, are matched, packed, and arrive safely to our customers! She is also the leader and driving force of our highly regarded customer service operation. Emily puts the utmost care and thought into answering questions about our products and services and shares her expert design advice with our wonderful customers.


Josh is the mastermind behind the product designs and oversees custom furniture production from concept through delivery. Josh is always pushing the business forward with his sights set high on the horizon! He has also transformed our once warehouse space shop into a fully operational woodworking shop and formal showroom. 

It's a bit of a family affair at J Thomas Home, with Josh's brother, John, serving as a co-maker and our production manager. John is the calm, cool, and collected leader of our large shelf and stove top cover production. He does everything from expertly selecting the wood that we use, to overseeing and scheduling the production and finishing of hundreds of shelves a week! 


Six hard working individuals comprise our team of makers. These gentlemen are the steady hands, and detail-focused eyes behind the beautiful craftsmanship of our custom furniture, shelving and décor. 

 Brendon is one of our most tenured JTH team members! He has a great eye for detail and always puts the utmost care into crafting each piece. When Brendon isn’t at JTH, he has a passion for the outdoors and spends his time providing landscape and lawn care services.

Jason is our lead maker who exemplifies the word, "handy." Jason has a can-do attitude and is instrumental in building our custom furniture pieces, as well as a lot of our showroom build-out. When he's not at JTH, he loves spending time with his wife and twin girls! 

 Kam plays many integral roles on our team, from building to finishing our products with a careful eye. When Kam isn't at JTH, he spends his time coaching numerous youth basketball teams!

Ben, is essential in crafting your furniture and shelves! Ben is a highly-skilled craftsman who enjoys woodworking and creating in his free time. He’s pictured below working on a beautiful custom serving tray.


Sam is a problem solver, and Josh's right hand for the majority of our custom furniture deliveries. Sam ensures that your pieces arrive safely and are expertly assembled. When he's not at JTH, he coaches and plays lacrosse competitively! 


Last, but certainly not least, is Jesse who rounds, out our awesome team of makers. Jesse has an easy-going and positive attitude, and takes great care in staining and finishing the majority of our shelves. When he's not at JTH, he loves to spend time outdoors and is an avid fisherman! 


The production and shipping team is comprised of two mighty women who move, pack, and assemble hundreds of orders a week! They are the integral final steps of our operation, and do everything to ensure your pieces arrived packed snug and ready for installation. 

Camille, or as we fondly call her by her last name, Lerch, has been an asset to our production and shipping process for almost a year. Lerch is always a team player and has helped train a lot of our team! When Lerch isn't at JTH, she's studying to pursue a career in the medical field.  

Kim has an eye for aesthetics when creating the beautiful artwork on our noodle boards, and also handles shipping with ease. When Kim isn't at JTH, she's studying to pursue a career in psychology! 


Ryan and Ricardo, who are our newest J Thomas Home members, round out our production and shipping team! We love their positive, can-do attitudes and how they've jumped right in just in time for our busy season to ramp up! 

Our team works hard together because we have the best customers, and our ultimate goal is to make them happy! We hope you enjoyed this inside look into our shop, and learned a bit more about the wonderful individuals behind the creation of your beautiful J Thomas Home pieces! 


Visit our website at or we'd love to welcome you to our showroom at 703 S. Kansas Avenue, Olathe, KS, to start the design process with you! Call 913-353-4263 to schedule your free appointment! 



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