Every Home Needs a Bar. Custom Floating Shelves Are Your Solution

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Our Floating Wood Shelves Fit Perfectly for Entertaining

That’s right. We said it. Every home needs a bar. Whether it’s for tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages - that’s up to you! But in this day and age, entertaining with drinks makes your home a destination that you - and your guests - look forward to visiting.

When you install a bar, you’ll eagerly wake up in the morning for your tea or coffee ritual, or you’ll start taking the shortcuts when heading home for a cocktail with a loved one after work. You’ll also have friends saying, “Maybe we should have the party at your place again!”

Fortunately, with the help of J Thomas Home, having a place for fast serving and entertaining doesn’t have to look like granddad’s old bar in the basement with the brass railing, dim lighting, and crusty sports memorabilia - though these certainly have their charm.

At J Thomas Home, you can install a modern bar with our custom floating wood shelves, so you don’t have to compromise on style while you carve out a space in your home for the beverages that are most essential to your lifestyle. From live edge shelves to floating shelves with LED lights, we have a variety of styles and features that will complement your vision.

A Kitchen Bar, Designed with Our Custom Floating Wood Shelves

If you have a dining area in your kitchen, you’ve probably given some thought to how to incorporate some storage or shelving because it can be frustrating to have to get up from one part of the kitchen to get the things you need at the table. On the other hand, you may be trying to create some unique design elements in this part of the kitchen without cluttering it too much.

One solution is to create a versatile bar in the eat-in part of your kitchen, which could function in a variety of ways, depending on your lifestyle. For example, our custom wood floating shelves - especially our walnut floating shelves - would be a perfect way to establish a bar for tea, coffee, and all the accessories.

Imagine having custom floating wood shelves that are shelfscaped with a glass jar of freshly roasted coffee beans or that host a box of select teas, accompanied by mugs or glasses, a small vintage espresso machine, or a gorgeous, simple teapot as a style accessory. Or consider a shelf with cereal selections, bowls, and spoons, so that your kids have easy access to breakfast food while you’re sleeping in.

When you install a bar in your kitchen with our custom floating shelves, you can even implement floating shelves with LED lights, which will bring ambience to your kitchen in the early morning and at night. No matter your style and taste, you can let your imagination run wild when thinking about how to use a serving bar in your kitchen. The best news? Your custom shelves will be handcrafted just for you, so you can get the precise look and feel you want from your shelving.

Try a Cocktail Bar Adjacent to a Living Room Area or Dining Room

Just like the days when families had a liquor cabinet in a sitting room for entertaining, you can capture a bit of refinement, elegance, and charm with custom floating wood shelves that are used for serving cocktails.

Here’s what we recommend: opt for our walnut floating shelves for their strength and beauty, and select some glasses for various cocktails, along with a few other accessories you’ll need for mixing drinks. You could even consider installing a sink, small wine fridge, and more underneath your floating shelf if you want to make sure you can serve it all. Then, of course, stock all the essential liquors, liqueurs, and even mixers - though we think our shelving looks best when you don’t over-clutter.

On that note, you could even focus in particular on a collection of whiskeys, scotch, and brandy, if your interest or hobby lies in a certain type of liquor. It may be that this bar designed with J Thomas Home’s custom floating shelves isn’t on the upper floor of your home at all, but is a welcome addition to a downstairs entertainment room where you want to relax, sip whiskey, watch the game, or have a laugh with an old friend.

Whatever You Can Imagine, J Thomas Home’s Custom Floating Shelves Have You Covered

Whether our cereal bar idea is appealing, or if you look forward to curating an amazing selection of teas or expensive brandy, we’re here for you. J Thomas Home can make it happen. In addition, our inclusion of floating shelves with LED lights opens up additional possibilities for how you want your shelving to look and feel.

We handcraft every shelf, putting in the time, effort, and care that has made us stand-out artisans in the Kansas City area. Send us a message online, or email us at customerservice@jthomashome.com. Kansas City metro locals can make an appointment with us to visit our showroom and see our products in person.

No matter what you’re looking for, if custom wood floating shelves are involved, the answer from us is “yes!” We look forward to working with you soon on your designs, so you can toast and celebrate in your beautiful home.

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