Elevate Your Floating Shelves with Autumn Decor

autumn decor for floating shelves

A favorite feature of floating shelves is the ability to easily swap out the decor displayed on them. As cooler evenings creep in, bring warmth into your home with autumn decor on your floating shelves. Take a look at these ideas to spread warm fall tones throughout your home. 

Autumn Floating Shelves in the Living Room

Floating shelves in the living room are the simplest to style because you can create just about any theme you'd like. These are great places for personalized decor such as family photos or beloved trinkets, which can be easily incorporated into any theme you choose. Adding an autumn theme to this space can be as simple as a few well-placed faux mini pumpkins, some autumn-colored garland, and a fall-themed wooden sign. If you need to add more height to the space, include some ceramic village pieces, taller Pottery Barn-styled pumpkins, and candlesticks with decorative candles. 

Warm Autumn Vibes in Your Kitchen 

When you think about autumn in your kitchen, you likely imagine the aroma of pumpkin spice and cinnamon sticks. Add a candle warmer and your favorite fall-scented candle to your floating shelves to instantly give your kitchen a homey and inviting atmosphere. Various-sized faux pumpkins also work well in this space, along with an amber-colored glass vase filled with fall-colored greenery such as eucalyptus or bunny tails. 

If you have a coffee bar, then adding a floating shelf would give you extra real estate for fun fall decor. A coffee bar floating shelf is the perfect spot for "pumpkin spice everything" signs (yes, even if you hate pumpkin spice) and mini village houses. 

Sprinkle a Little Fall on Your Bathroom Floating Shelves 

Your bathroom might not be the perfect spot to incorporate decor that you would traditionally think of for fall, but you can still bring the fall vibes into your room. Try adding amber glass bottles to your floating shelves, small pieces of fall greenery and florals, or even hide your tissues with a fall-themed or colored tissue box cover. 

Cozy Autumn Bedroom Floating Shelves

Your bedroom is another space in your home that you can use nearly any theme you want. Use decor with warm autumn colors to make your bedroom feel extra cozy. Florals and greenery help give the space an earthy feel while adding chunky textures with throw pillows and blankets will make your bedroom feel extra inviting. Add a candle to bring a calming aroma to the space. 

Final Thoughts About Adding Autumn Decor to Your Floating Shelves

While decorating your floating shelves with autumn decor, don't feel like you must use an all-or-nothing approach. Sometimes, the perfect display is that which is done in moderation. Simply incorporating warmer colors in the space can emit the atmosphere you're seeking. 

If you haven't yet found the perfect floating shelves to display your fall decor, check out a few of our favorites here

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