Decorate Floating Shelves for a Playful and Organized Kids’ Playroom

floating shelves in childs playroom

As parents, the thought of keeping your kids’ playroom organized may leave you feeling…overwhelmed. Exhausted. Even hopeless. It seems that no matter how many times you tidy up, the tidal wave of toys and art supplies keeps coming back. But we’re here to cheer you on and tell you not to wave your white flag just yet! Because we have a secret weapon for your playroom organization woes: floating shelves.

Floating Shelves are a Playroom Game-Changer

Think of floating shelves as your stylish, space-saving sidekicks in the battle against playroom chaos. They’re not just a place to stash the toys in your kids’ bedrooms; they’re a way to transform your children’s imaginative space into a semblance of décor. Plus, they’re a safe option to keep those pesky tripping hazards (we’re looking at you, Legos) off the playroom floor. 

Create a Themed Wonderland

So, how do you create a fun, stylish playroom space with floating shelves? Give it a theme, of course! Let your shelves take your children’s imagination on a soaring adventure. Imagine a shelf dedicated to outer space, complete with glowing star decals and miniature rockets. Or perhaps a fairy-tale theme, where shelves are adorned with tiny castles, unicorns, and storybooks. These fun themes will spark your child’s imagination, making their playroom a backdrop for countless adventures.

Add Storage, But Make It Fun

Who says storage has to be boring? If the playroom is home to an activity desk, add floating shelves above it to create vertical space to house paint brushes, crayons, markers, coloring books, and Play-Doh. Incorporate baskets and bookends in fun colors and designs. Add interactive storage options, like puzzle-piece-shaped bins with playful faces to help keep things in order. Make cleaning up so much fun that your kids might do it without being asked. (A parent can dream, right?)

Let’s Get Artsy

Encourage creativity by dedicating one of the floating shelves to your children’s artistic creations. Use clip frames to display paintings, sculptures, and craft projects. Add a plaque with the title of the artwork and the artist’s name (your child’s, of course!). This is a great way to show them you’re proud of their work, encourage them to expand their creativity, and prevent their art projects from taking over your entire house. 

Switch It Up

Kids grow, and their interests change faster than you can say “cowabunga” (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, anyone?). As your children grow, allow the shelving décor to evolve with them. Choose décor that’s easy to change out so you can keep the playroom feeling fresh and exciting without redoing the entire room. We all know that today’s dinosaur theme might turn into spaceships and astronauts tomorrow. 

Interactive Elements and Reading Nook

If space allows, create an imagination corner with a bean bag, an LED-lighted floating shelf for soft lighting, and a few of your child’s favorite books or doodling pads. This will provide a quiet space for them to relax while discovering things they enjoy to help them unwind for the day.

Floating shelves in the playroom aren’t just about organization – they’re about creating a space that inspires creativity, learning, and fun. With these ideas, your playroom will become a haven of imagination and order. It’ll be a place where your children can play, learn, and grow.

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