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lighted custom floating shelves

Introducing Our Newest Line of Custom Floating Shelves from J Thomas Home

J Thomas Home started in our garage with our farmhouse pipe shelves. Since those early years, we’ve expanded our offerings to include a variety of solid wood shelves, live edge floating shelves, and custom-size shelves both large and small for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more!

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest product: lighted shelves. You’ll soon be able to order them through the J Thomas Home website, along with all our other great floating wall shelves. Let’s explore the features of these shelves and discover why they’re perfect for any living space in your home.

They’re Still the Same Great Handcrafted Wood Shelves

At J Thomas Home, we’re proud of our made-to-order shelves in the wood species and finish of your choice. Our new lighted shelves are handcrafted in the same way.

Just like our other floating wood shelf styles, these solid wood lighted shelves include heavy-duty floating shelf brackets that can support 40 or more pounds with ease.

So, what’s new about them? The high-quality warm white LED lighting that’s built into them! If you’re already upgrading your kitchen or bathroom with new shelves, take it to the next level with integrated lights that shine up,down, or both!

You Can Hardwire Our New Lighted Shelves

Just as you’d hardwire a sconce or other light fixture, our new lighted floating wall shelves can be hardwired to 12-volt DC power, too.

Our premium LED lights can operate continuously with a 50,000-hour unit life, stay cool to the touch, and can be tied into existing lighting setups and zoned to allow for certain lights to be turned on or off by a light switch. For example, you could have just the up lights come on, or just the down lights, if you wanted.

Our hardwired shelves are sleek, elegant, and unobtrusive, perfect for home remodels or new builds where you’re already working with an electrician. You’ll need a transformer and low-voltage electrical wiring run to the shelf, so be sure to talk to your electrical professional.

Not Handy? No problem! Go DIY with Battery-Operated Lighted Wood Shelves

If you don’t want to hire an electrician to hardwire your new custom floating shelves, we can craft them with a battery-operated light option.

Our battery-operated lighted shelves are easy to use and install, with three settings: off, continuous on, and motion detection, which automatically lights up when movement is detected in low-light situations.

The battery packs can last two to three months on a single charge when on the motion-detection setting, or five hours of continuous use. Recharging is easy; your battery pack is magnetized to the shelf for easy removal. A charging cable is included, just like your cell phone’s.

Which Power Option Should You Choose?

Choosing between our hardwired or battery-operated lighted wood shelves is actually pretty easy because using them is such a different experience.

If you plan to leave the lights running for long periods of time, you’ll want the hardwired version. But if you plan on using them to add occasional ambiance in the evening, or to help you see where you’re going at night, the rechargeable lights are right for you.

Then there’s the cost. Our hardwired floating wall shelves do cost a little extra than our battery-powered ones, but the trade-off is convenience; you don’t need to worry about charging your lights.

How Do I Use Lighted Custom Floating Shelves?

Lighted shelves from J Thomas Home make for a unique feature of your living space, and there are lots of reasons you’d want them. When we were developing this new product, we thought about all the great benefits you’d get from having a lighted shelf, like:

  • Adding ambiance in the family room during relaxing evenings at home
  • Uplighting or downlighting your collections or family photos
  • Safety lighting when you or your children get out of bed in the middle of the night
  • Brightening reading nooks or other darker corners of your home
  • Replacing cumbersome lamps on your bedside tables or end tables

We’re sure you’ll come up with new and creative ways to use our lighted wood shelves in your home. Share a photo of your shelf with us on Instagram @jthomashomegoods; we love to see our artisan-crafted pieces in your home!

Add the Warmth of Wood to Your Home Decor with Custom Floating Shelves from J Thomas Home

We’re proud to offer a range of wood shelves that look great with any home decor, all of which are handcrafted right here in our workshop just outside of Kansas City.

At J Thomas Home, everything is made-to-order, and we ship anywhere in the U.S. for free on orders more than $99.

Shop our collection of solid wood floating shelves on our website, Etsy, or Amazon.

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