Behind The Scenes: Bargain Mansions Episode - Main Bathroom Remodel with J Thomas Home

main bathroom remodel bargain mansions

We were so excited for Tamara Day's help in our Main Bedroom on Bargain Mansions that aired 6/6 on Magnolia Network.

Our bathroom originally was Tuscan-themed, brown, and dated, with a large jet spa built-in tub on the opposite side taking up an enormous amount of the bathroom, that we only had the kids play in once when we first moved in, and had not ever used since.

bathroom before renovation on bargain mansions
shower area before bargain mansions


The original shower wasn't too bad, so we opted to keep that as-is, and for the rest, were open to ideas. We found a few inspiration images we liked and sent them to Tamara, requesting to keep the double vanities, but update the space, removing the massive soaker tub. But Josh had one other special request in mind! A cold plunge tub!

If you've heard of a cold plunge tub, but aren't quite sure exactly what it is, it's sitting cool water -- that is, 59 degrees Fahrenheit or less -- for a short while in hopes of boosting both the health of one's body and one's mind. Who couldn't use a little more of that?

bathroom sink

Here is the design proposal we received and LOVED!!! I actually really wanted the tile just like the inspiration image with the bathtub below (just needed to make it a cold plunge for Josh, instead)!

bathroom design floor plan bargain mansions


The bathroom transformation went pretty quickly!

The curved center cabinets had to be replaced because, as you can see, they rested lower than the other cabinets and it was causing some design headaches for recovering them with new stone that matched our kitchen island.

And the new electrical and plumbing was set for the cold plunge tub for Josh!

old bathroom demolition bargain mansions
bathtub area demolition bargain mansions


The main bathroom turned out incredible! We love the lighted vanity mirrors and the golden sconces on either side of each.

The gray flooring tiles tie in the original shower to the rest of the updated design.

remodeled main bathroom bargain mansions

After the show, because we removed some storage from the original layout, we've just hung some battery-operated Walnut floating shelves in the archway to store towels, art, and plants.

floating shelves in remodeled bathroom

And we can't forget about the main event: the cold plunge tub for Josh!

A cold plunge tub can be filled up and then kept at a specific temperature with equipment that is housed and hidden behind the tub in this shot.

A person can enter the tub for a few seconds, or work up their comfort level to several minutes at a time, all the while decreasing inflammation, improving sleep, mood, and more.

It's not for everyone, but cold plunging can be a great addition to a morning routine. It's possibly the hardest thing you'll have to do, making the rest of the day less stressful and more manageable as you exercise mental toughness.

Unlike a normal tub, you are able to simply exit the tub after your plunge, and put a cover on the top. The machinery included keeps the tub at the cool temperature needed so it's ready for tomorrow, vs. having to refill the tub each morning.

cold plunge tub

I have yet to try the cold plunge myself, and don't know if I will (brrr!!), but Josh has successfully completed now up to several minutes in the mornings!

Plunge or no plunge, I still love how our bathroom turned out. It's definitely blue, but it's not making me blue one bit.

What do you think? Do you love the dimension of the blue tile and how it looks like moving water?

Do you like the blue and white color combination of the space?

Would you have kept the shower, too? Or incorporated it in to the new design more?

Do you cold plunge?? Or have one? Any tips or tricks we should know about?

Be sure to comment below with your favorite scenes from the episode, and as always, if you have questions about solid wood floating shelving for your bathroom, or other room of your home, please reach out to us -- we'll be happy to help!


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