Can I Order Floating Shelves for the Same Space... At Different Times? Buy Some Now, and Buy Some Later?

Can I Order Floating Shelves for the Same Space... At Different Times? Buy Some Now, and Buy Some Later?

Great Question - The Answer Is... No. ❌
Do you agree?

A customer emailed us today looking for 7 shelves. She asked if she could go ahead order the 4 shelves she had the dimensions for that match what we have available on our website to get those going NOW, and then COME BACK LATER and place the second order for the final 3 custom-sized shelves her contractor is sending her later.

🔶🔶 When we know a large group of shelves will be installed in the same room, we LOVE to have all the shelves ordered on the same order. 🔶🔶

This helps our production team process the group as a complete unit! 😅

But it’s also a HUGE benefit to you, and how the shelves will look together in your space!! ✨

Why is that? 🤔

🔶🔶 When possible, we cut all the shelves on your order from the same length of wood.
This helps ALL the shelves have a similar grain pattern and look cohesive in your space!

🔶🔶 We also sand them all together for consistency.

AND stain them all on the same day!
🔶🔶 Why is that important?? 🔶🔶
-Weather (like temperature & humidity) can impact how the stain reacts on the wood! 🌦
-We stain A LOT of shelves! Day to day, we may finish one stain can and have to open another.
Processing your shelves all together helps us stain all the shelves from the same can, again, resulting in shelving that looks like a cohesive set in your space.



📦 Not to mention, we’ll ship the order together as a unit instead of in separate orders, saving you on any extraneous shipping expenses (and saving one extra trip by your delivery driver!!) 🚚

💯 For the best results, place your custom floating shelving orders all together for any shelves you intend to install in the same room! 🙌

🔶🔶Have you ever ordered something and realized you needed a couple more, and hoped they would all match together?? 😬 Comment below!! ⬇️

If you have questions about your space, feel free to hit the “Send Message” button! I’ll be happy to talk through your shelving questions with you like if floating shelves are sturdy enough to hold books or how to style your custom shelves so they don't look cluttered!



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