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Our Custom Cabinets Near You are Different from the Rest

J Thomas Home started with a vision: to design and build the highest-quality and most innovative custom cabinetry with the best finishes in Kansas City. While we’ve added to our repertoire, we maintain the same focus on custom kitchen cabinets - and cabinets in other areas of your home - as we had when we first started.

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To build quality cabinets, we utilize master carpentry techniques, including old-world joinery for sturdy seams and connections, like mortise and tenon joints, lap joints, and dovetails.

Simply the Best

Our custom cabinets are tailored to you and your space, with every piece made just for you and your home. Choose your wood species, style, mouldings, finish, and sizing, and get unmatched beauty and quality in return.

Cabinetry is the focal point of your space, so it needs to be sturdy, functional, and pleasing to the eye. J Thomas Home starts with how you use your space and maps out the design around you.

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Everything we build is handcrafted locally by a talented team of professionals and backed by a ten-year warranty. As our cabinetry client, you’ll also receive:

- VIP Service. You deserve our very best, and we work hard to deliver on this promise.

- Inclusion in the Design Process. We include you at every decision point and work with you to cover every detail of your space.

- Our Dedication to Time. J Thomas Home works to meet your project timelines and keeps you updated throughout the production process.

Contact us about custom cabinets online, or over the phone to learn more.

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We pre-finish our custom cabinets in our wood shop before delivering them to the job site. The process allows us to ensure the finish is as durable as possible without exposing your home to the odors of stains, sealants, or paint.

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