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personalized stove top cover
Stove top covers are by far one of our top-selling pieces of home decor in our shop. Why? Because these handmade wooden covers can be customized to fit your farmhouse kitchen perfect -- color, size, and personalized with a meaningful message or date. A great gift idea for friends and family... and yourself!
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turkey on stove top cover

Top off your farmhouse kitchen remodel with a rustic stove top cover as the finishing touch! Perfect for gas stove or electric ranges, the "noodle boards" offer additional counter space during meal prep and can be personalized -- making a great gift idea!

Learn more about the different types offered to create the perfect cover for your home!

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wrapped Christmas gifts

A go-to guide of 2018 Holiday Gift Ideas from J Thomas Home.

-Marble Holiday Decor

-Toddler Tower / Child Baking Stool

-"Noodle Board" - Rustic Stove Top Covers

- Wine Racks / Liquor Racks

And more!

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kitchen with floating shelves
If you are planning to renovate your home, or maybe just update a room by adding some farmhouse open shelving, a custom-sized shelf may best fit your space. But if you don't have an eye for design, how do you know what size that is? These two questions will guide your sizing decision. Examples (and bonus tips!) included.
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