Use Floating Shelves to Create the Perfect Indoor Plant Perch

plants on floating shelves

Does the thought of having a little nature inside your home make you giddy with excitement? Do you have a green thumb and find joy in nurturing plants? If you responded yes to both, then you’re probably an indoor plant enthusiast. And while indoor plants bring color and life to a room, finding a good place for them can be difficult. The obvious spots are window sills, the floor, and bookcases. Which works fine until you run out of room, overcrowd your plants, make the space look cluttered, and run the risk of killing your beloved plants. It's smart to have a planned spot for each plant, so let's explore how floating shelves can elevate your plant displays to the next level.

Plan Out Your Shelving

With endless floating shelf options available, they're a perfect fit for your plant perch. You can use them in a tiny corner or across an entire long wall, plus you get to choose the color, width, length, and thickness. No matter the style of your home, albeit farmhouse chic or modern, you'll be able to find shelves to fit your needs. 

You know that some plants thrive right by a window, while others need a perch on the inner wall of your home with some shade. Floating shelves can be used anywhere that will benefit your plants the most. Incorporating multiple shelves also gives you the option of spacing your plants out and adding other design elements to your room. Add various textures to your shelves through the use of books, artwork, signs, and sculptures to help balance things out. 

Three Floating Shelf Suggestions

A quick search for "floating shelves" will immediately bring up dozens of overwhelming options. But let's take a look at three customizable shelves that offer multiple widths, stains, and lengths. The sturdy hidden brackets they come with will also make hanging the shelves a breeze on any wall.

  1. Rustic Alder Shelves - If you want to add rustic character and uniqueness to your home, look no further than these rustic alder shelves. They have knots, knot holes, and a smooth grain that will pair perfectly with your favorite finish.
  2. Maple Shelves - Looking for something a little more modern? The light grain and minuscule knots in these maple shelves will look sleek in any room in your home. 
  3. Thick Pine - These gorgeous, three-inch-thick shelves will suit any modern farmhouse style perfectly with their beautiful grain and natural imperfections. Leave them unstained, and they'll bring out a fantastic boho vibe in your room. 

These plants are your babies, so do them a favor and put them on display in your favorite rooms! It's important to use well-built, sturdy shelves to hold your precious cargo, so you can't go wrong when choosing any of these handmade shelves made of hardwood. When properly installed, they'll hold up to 35 pounds. Install a few of them, and that’s a whole lot of oxygen-rich plant goodness.

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