Our story begins simply, with a newlywed couple looking to furnish their home. Josh and Emily started looking at every big box store in town, but struggled to find the right size options, the colors we wanted, and pieces made with quality material that would last. We wanted well-made furniture that fit our style and could withstand daily use.

And that's how our cars ended up parked in the driveway! Because we decided to try to make the furniture we needed ourselves -- in our garage. First, two end tables. Then, our bathroom vanity. Then, an industrial bookshelf. We enjoyed making the pieces together and loved how they custom-fit our space, and decided to open up shop.

A decision that resulted in hanging the wood from our ceiling, "re-staining" our deck, getting saw dust spread throughout our house, dressing up in thermal gear to work in the winter and so on. Our goal was simple: Offer our customers uncompromising value; craft the highest quality, solid wood furniture at a price comparable to the large furniture stores. We've grown quite a bit since then; we are currently renovating our 3rd commercial space and have grown to a team of 7 but Emily and I are still on the floor making furniture and our goal remains the same!

Our story is far from over, as our best chapters are still ahead. Our vision is to continue to provide quality custom furniture into our customer spaces. Thanks for taking a little time to learn about our company. Click the button below -- we'd love to hear from you! Josh and Emily personally handle each call and email, and design consultations are always free.