How to Style Floating Shelves Like a Pro Interior Designer

professional floating shelves in living room

Floating shelves are versatile and elegant additions to any room, seamlessly combining function and aesthetics. Whether in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, these shelves can transform your space with sophistication. Let's explore how you can style wooden floating shelves like a pro interior designer to ensure your home exudes high-class elegance. 

Tips to Elevate Shelf Styling


Layering is crucial for creating depth and interest. Start with larger items at the back and gradually add smaller pieces in front. This technique works well with books, art, and decorative objects.

Rule of Threes

The rule of threes is a designer’s secret weapon. Group items in threes for a balanced and visually appealing arrangement. This could be three different-sized vases, a trio of candles, or a set of decorative bowls.

Color Cohesion

Maintain a cohesive color scheme. Select a primary color and a couple of accent colors that complement the rest of your room’s décor. This creates a unified, sophisticated look.

Mix Textures and Materials

Mixing different textures and materials can elevate the styling of your shelves. Combine smooth ceramics with rough wood, shiny metals with soft fabrics. This interplay of textures adds richness and complexity.

Floating Shelves Throughout Your Home

Living Room

Balance is essential in the living room. Start by placing a statement piece on one end of the shelf, such as a large vase or an oversized art book. Balance it with a smaller group of items, like a set of candles or a decorative bowl, on the other end to create visual interest and harmony.

Display art by mixing framed prints with sculptural pieces to create a mini gallery. Consider limited edition prints or black-and-white photography in sleek frames to add a high-class touch. Layering the artwork by placing smaller frames in front of larger ones adds depth and dimension.

Incorporate greenery to bring life to your shelves. Choose plants with architectural shapes, such as succulents or air plants, housed in chic ceramic pots. The contrast between the natural wood and vibrant green creates a luxurious yet organic feel.


In the kitchen, floating shelves can be both practical and beautiful. Display your best crockery, such as fine china or designer mugs. For a cohesive look, stick to a monochromatic palette or complementary colors. 

Use stylish containers for dry goods like pasta, grains, and spices. Glass jars with metallic lids or matte ceramic canisters add an upscale touch while keeping things organized. Arrange them by height for a neat, tiered effect.

Add a personal touch with cookbooks that double as décor. Position them upright with bookends or lay a few flat to act as risers for smaller items. A small potted herb plant, like basil or rosemary, can also add a fresh, inviting element.


Replace traditional bedside tables with floating shelves for a sleek, modern look. Keep the styling minimal with a chic lamp, a small stack of books, and a delicate vase with fresh flowers to create a serene bedside retreat. A mirrored tray holding these items will add a touch of glamour and reflect light to make the space feel larger. 

Introduce soft textures with items like woven baskets or fabric-covered boxes. These not only add storage but also bring a cozy, inviting feel to the room. Stick to neutral tones to maintain a sophisticated, calming atmosphere. 


Floating shelves in the hallway or entryway make a striking first impression. Use them to display a mix of decorative objects, such as a stylish tray for keys, a small lamp, and a piece of statement art.

Incorporate functional items that are also decorative, like a beautiful bowl for mail or a stylish basket for shoes. This keeps the area tidy while maintaining an upscale aesthetic.

Styling floating shelves involves a careful balance of aesthetics and functionality to transform your home into a sophisticated, high-class space. No matter the room, floating shelves can become the highlight of your home by showcasing your impeccable taste and style. Start experimenting with these ideas to create beautifully styled shelves that reflect your unique elegance.

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